The 2012 Money Race: Compare the Candidates

Spending on the Presidential Race

A. Review the NY Times piece on the candidates’ spending in this upcoming election

  1. How does Romney compare in fund raising to the other candidates?
  2. Where has Romney raised the most money?
  3. What is an average contribution for presidential candidate Romney?
  4. How does this figure compare to President Obama?
  5. What does this reveal about the source o the two candidate’s supporters?
  6. What do these figures reveal about Romney being the front runner in the Republican race?
  7. Compare and contrast President Obama’s source of support both statewide as well as financial support.

B. Identify three important facts you learned from political donations

1. Watch Video on Super Pacs

2. Define what a Super Pac is based on the video

3. Read article –  Explain what impact did The Citizens United Case have on campaign financing. Why has it been so controversial?

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