Youth Driving Laws Limit Even the Double Date from NY TIMES

Read NY Times article: TeenAge Driving and answer the following questions

In WHAT ways have state legislatures across the country restricted teenage driving in recent years?

WHAT are the results of the studies that safety campaigners point to in order to justify these strict laws?

HOW many states now prohibit teenagers from driving with another teenager?
HOW much greater is the crash rate of teenagers as compared to that of older drivers?

WHEN did the push to restrict teenage driving begin?

WHO said that “when teen drivers crash, it’s people in other cars or teen passengers who end up dying”?

WHERE can teenagers not legally drive after 6 p.m. in winter and 8 p.m. in summer?

WHERE have driver education courses been required for parents since 2008?

WHY are lawmakers in New Jersey pushing to require teenage drivers to attach a red decal to their license plates?

WHY are some parents of teenagers in New Jersey opposed to the mandatory decals?

WHY do you think these laws are either largely beneficial or largely unnecessary?

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