Why is Addiction on the Rise?


  • What is the premise behind Addict Nation?
  • What addictions does the video allude to?
  • What drives addiction

The number of drug and alcohol problems diagnosed by doctors in the US has increased 70 percent between 2001 and 2009, according to new research. Not only had the number of reported doctor visits involving drug or alcohol abuse increased from 10.6 million between 2001 and 2003 to 18 million between 2007 and 2009, the number of visits including a diagnosis of opioid painkiller abuse rose six-fold.

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Part A: How has addiction shaped my life? use the questions below to respond to this post

  • Is addiction a problem for you or someone you know? Explain
  • What do you think is  the cause or root of this addiction?
  • How have you tried to help treat this addiction?
  • What impact has this addiction had in your life? 

No less than 500 words


We live in a society that actively promotes addiction. It isn’t just chemical dependencies that seduce people, but behavioral addictions of all kinds. Obviously, you can be addicted to cocaine,  marijuana, alcohol, nicotine  and caffeine but what about video games, food, Facebook, TV, exercise, shopping,  sports, and texting  Any behavior that is repeated impulsively can detract from your quality of life, not matter how harmless it may seem on the surface.

  • What are you addicted to?
  • What do you think is  the cause or root of this addiction?
  • How does this addiction make you feel?
  • How does this addiction prevent you from accomplishing other goals?
  • Have you ever tried to stop? What was the result?
  • What impact has this addiction had in your life?

No less than 500 words

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31 Responses to Why is Addiction on the Rise?

  1. Michael Drobenko says:

    Michael Drobenko,

    1. The premise behind Addict Nation is the people need to take back the control of the addictions.

    2. The addictions that the video talks about are porn, drugs, food, material goods, texting, and violence.

    3. Ourselves and the media drives addiction.

    • Michael Drobenko says:

      My bad Ms. Johnson I pressed enter by mistake.

      What am I addicted to? I am addicted to several things. One of my addictions are chewing on bottle caps. Even when I was younger I was always chewing on objects but bottle caps are my favorite to chew on. Whenever i chew on the bottle caps I get really relaxed and I concentrate more. This addiction never stopped me from achieving any of my goals. I never tried to stop chewing on bottle caps because I enjoy it. It relaxes me, helps me concentrate, and it is also a stress reliever. This addiction did not have a negative impact at all. It had a very positive impact because it helped me control my anger. Another one of my addictions are sunflower seeds. Like bottle caps, even when I have always had an addiction for sunflower seeds. This addiction is not as bad as my bottle cap addiction. The cause of this addiction is my older cousins, and brother because they always had them when we would hangout so I got into it. I do not like the regular seeds though. They have to be flavored like ranch, nacho cheese, or bbq. I have learned how to control this addiction. I have not been having sunflower seeds as much as I did a year ago. I do not need them as much anymore. There is no negative impact. It is just a positive impact of joy.

  2. lizdrizzle says:

    hi ms. johnson its lisette,
    The premise behind addict nation is to show how we are being influenced into being addicted to other things that aren’t even drugs, and we need to make our own decisions.
    The addictions that this video alludes to is drugs, prescriptions, food, texting, internet, sex etc.
    What drives addiction is that people are not making their own choice and letting themselves be pursued.
    Honestly i dont think i have a severe addiction but i really enjoy texting and shopping those are 2 of the things my mom tells me i need to stop doing so much. Well for texting i think the cause is having to much freedom on my phone like, i dont have a curfew of when i should put it away, my mom doesnt take it away or give me restrictions and for the shopping i think its cos i just dont know how to save money and constantly want everything because when i buy something i get a feeling of satisfaction and i cant wait till i wear it and people see me wearing it. My addiction makes me feel as if im satisfied when i shop or i get even happier and relieved when i shop, when i text i feel like i text so much because i feel like its fun talking to friends in private conversations. Well shopping i feel prevents me from saving my money because instead i blow everything in uncessary things and with texting i feel like it prevents me from many things for example talking to my parents because im always focused on my phone and also from finishing homework because i rather be entertained and text than do homework, also it prevents me from getting enough sleep because sometimes ill stay up texting till 2-3 am. Honestly i tried to stop shopping and save my money but it results in me wasting my money again, and i honestly never tried to stop texting i just like it so much. This addiction has an impact on my life because my parents constantly nag me about asking for to many stuff or they say im always on my phone and we get into small arguments because of my phone but i dont think im addicted as they say it, i think its normal for teens to always be on there phone.

  3. kirstenmendieta says:

    1. What is the premise behind Addict Nation?
    -The premise behind Addict Nation is to present to Americans the idea that we are becoming “consumer slaves” and we have to embark on monitoring on our addictions.

    2. What addictions does the video allude to?
    -The addictions that are alluded in the video include prescription pills, food, sex, the internet, gambling, porn, shopping and texting.

    3. What drives addiction?
    -Television, Ads, and our own desires drives addiction.
    *Kirsten Mendieta

  4. Dylan Scigliano says:

    I dont have an addiction. People with addictions should be put in mental institutions. I could never understand a person with an addiction. It is completely foolish to say “I cant help it” or “I need it”. NO you dont need the crack or the cocaine! Control yourself. I have nothing against drugs. All drugs in this country should be legal. If you commit a crime while on the drug, you should be persecuted for the crime not the drugs. I strongly feel that you can control any kind of desire to do something. Another thing that really bothers me is rehab. YOU HAVE TO BE A COMPLETE MORON TO GO TO REHAB! All rehab is is a place where you can go and out of the blue moon you become addicted free. Thats a load of nonsence. If someone goes to rehab for a couple of weeks and comes out I garentee you the first thing they do is go and get that good old shot of vodka. People have to learn how to control themselves better. If you are addicted to something that has a negative effect, you should simply say this is wrong and i have to stop. God gave every man and woman the will power to control themselves. I really want to know what goes through peoples minds when they do drugs. They say “it makes me happy” or “it motivates me”. Are you kidding me. There are thousands of ways in which you can make yourself happy without damaging your body. The addiction to shopping,this one makes me laugh. How stupid can you possibly be. Its simple. DONT BUY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED! There is only one way for people to treat addictions. JUST STOP! Addictions make people feel good. Thats why they want more and more until they overdose. Most of the time people with addictions have a problem realizing that the addiction is doing bad for them. Thats the reason why they belong in mental institutions. The bottom line is that people have to become smarter, by people being addicted to things they are letteing the people who are selling these drugs, own these stripclubs, and run casinos win. People have to open up there eyes a little wider.

    1. The video is telling us that people who are addicted are feeding this corporations with lots of money.

    2. Sex,violence,and drugs.

    3. A great desire to do or want something in which you rely on it.
    —— Dylan Scigliano

  5. Derian Urena says:

    1. What is the premise behind Addict Nation?
    The premise behind Addict Nation is to show us Americans that almost everything being presented to the public is something to get the people buying or keep eating and eating til they become shopaholics or obese.

    2. What addictions does the video allude to?
    The addictions the video alludes to are sex, food, porn, gambling, the internet, shopping and texting.

    3. What drives addiction?
    What drives addiction are Ads, television, and our own desires.

    I am addicted to exercising, shopping and Facebook. Exercising because I play baseball and have to stay fit, so every night i left my weights for my throwing arm and do push ups like crazy. Shopping because I love clothing and accessories like American Eagle, sports attire, or Urban Outfitters. What I think the cause of these addictions are I want to have a nice firm and defined body so I can just show off and be fit. Second, shopping because people in general always want to look nice and especially me because when I go to parties I dress nice. Third, Facebook because its just always something going on and sometimes people argue and it’s hilarious. The addiction of shopping and exercising make me feel good because I am not hurting anybody or doing any harm to myself. The addiction to Facebook makes me feel bad because it makes me feel like i have no life. These addictions don’t stop me from reaching my goals because working out, shopping and being on Facebook help me get stronger, dress nice and help me kill time when I am bored. I have tried stopping myself from going on Facebook because I noticed I was going on too much everyday and the result was a fail because I went on doing it again and trying to stop again. The impact this has on my life is nothing to big because its not hurting anyone and being on Facebook just becomes something to get on and kill time. Exercising impacts my life by staying healthy and have a good life. Finally, shopping is something to have fun with friends and buy stuff you like.

  6. Edwin Revis Caban says:

    1) The premise behind Addict Nation is that people need to stop falling for the addictions and that everything is made for us to go back and continue to do it.
    2) The addictions mentioned in the video are porn, drugs, food, texting. violence and other everyday things.
    3) The media drives addiction a lot and yourself as a person by not fighting back
    Part B
    I have an addiction to video games and it took me awhile to admit it but i have recently recongized how bad it got plus my mom continually yells at me about it. I love playing video games because it is a stress relief for me, its a time where i can leave my problems and society and play xbox while talking to my close friends. At times i could get really mad playing the video games because yes i will admit it im a sore loser and a competitor. I always want to win and obviously the game isnt a real life game but it could do fake stuff not related or accurate to real life scenarios. I mostly play sports games but i always yell at my tv or friends becuase the game claims to be realisitc but lebron happens to be dunking on my whole team or doing plays michael jordan did. But other than that I usually have fun and talk about how good my my player is in school with my friends to compare. A my player is someone you create and you could make that person look like you as best as possibleand give him your name and nickname that you choose. The point is to have a career with that player in the nba and do the process a rookie does trying to make the nba and try to become a legend.
    I have been playing video games since i was about 9/10 years old and it used to be only a reward basis or if it was a long weekend and i didnt have a baseball game. Eventually it led to me continually want to play and by 6th grade there were days i was home alone and i would sneak on and play for awhile and then get double or triple my time to play. But sadly it has gotten worst, last year i was slipping in school because i would lie to my parents and say i did my homework and wouldnt have a test and i did worse than i usually do. I ended up with a pretty good average because my mom took away my controllers and i couldnt do anything but study. My mom always tells me its an addiction and i didnt believe her until i decided to give it up for lent and i started to get headaches, mood swings and i had withdrawal from it. There were times i felt like i was in a call of duty game and i had dreams about my games. I eventually didnt last and had to play but now i realize its a problem and I cant overcome it.
    The addiction has taken a toll in my life because it causes arguments with my parents and i spent a lot of money on my xbox and the games. If i didnt have an xbox and all those games i prob would have saved around 1,000 dollars maybe more. Its crazy that no matter how many times i said i would stop i always go back and want to play more and more. This is how my addiction affects my everyday life and how crazy my addiction has gotten to me

  7. bobbiwilkins says:

    Hello Mrs Johnson its Bobbi,
    1. What is the premise behind Addict Nation?
    The premise behind Addict Nation is to show us Americans that almost everything being presented to the public is something to get the people buying or keep eating and eating til they become shopaholics or obese.

    2. What addictions does the video allude to?
    The addictions the video alludes to are sex, food, porn, gambling, the internet, shopping and texting.

    3. What drives addiction?
    What drives addiction are Ads, television, and our own desires.

    My addiction is Food,Working and exercising . Food i love food and i enjoy eating food to the point ill buy food beacuse i love food ill eat my food your food and the next persons food. Im addicted to work beacuse i love making money anything to make money ill shovel snow to make some money. Working to feel busy and needed makes me feel good and getting money i love the smell of fresh money and how money looking in my pocket and when i spend money. and exercing beacuse i play sports and i have to look a certain way or be a certain weight to move faster and jump higher. i kinda feel like it balance eachother out , but i kinda feel like my addiction might be a little too much i work my self until i get only couple hours of sleep or eat until im so food i cant eat no more or exercising too much that ill pass out or but to much on me thinking im the hulk. I think the cause of these addiction is the fact that in my family everyones plays basketball and i was always consider the smallest or most athletic. And food was the fact is that i deep down love food but people around me made me eat less and now i just eat and eat. The excersise come from the Basketball expectations from highschool or university level its a push on me.
    The addiction make me look at my self sometimes like there is something wrong with me and when it comes to money how far will i go to have money or to be the best how far will i go to be the best and will i eat my self fat.
    i dont think it prevent me from accompishing my goals i think i become a over achiever and i cant be statisfied with what i have or how i look i go to go harder and get more money.
    No i havent tried to stop i do feel like i have to slow down and breath but i just gotta keep going
    The im pact on my life i dont get enough sleep, and im on the go just on the go and i feel like maybe one day im break down and just shut down but i try to slow up a little bit .
    I dont think it a big addiction but i do feel like it a pattern as we learn about it and becoming conscience

  8. Kai Smith says:

    1. The premise of Addict Nations is that us Americans are being blinded or clouded by all of these advertisements of things that may look good but we are not thinking realistically of what is really important and what we really need.
    2. The addictions that the video alludes to is drugs, internet, texting, food, sex, and over shopping.
    3. Ads, television, our own desires drives addictions.

    Part B:
    I’m addicted to video games and internet. Ever since I was 5 years old i’ve been playing video games. This all started when I went over to my friends house and this is the year when the Playstation was first released. Ever since I have been hooked on playing game systems especially Playstation. This makes me feel free and also makes me feel like I can do anything in my own little world of gaming. This prevents me from going outside and hanging out sometimes, also i think it can damage your social skills. The way I have treated this addiction is by spending less time on the games and preventing myself from buying any new games that come out. I would play ball more and hangout with my friends. Most of all I have controlled myself when it comes to playing games. The internet is very addicting to me because as the internet and technology started to grow over the years. Everything that we do today is basically on the internet and is a major part of peoples social lives in todays generation. Even when your emailing or messaging somebody on the internet it can damage your social skills after a while because your not communicating with somebody face to face. No, I haven’t tried to stop because it is really difficult for me not to go on the internet when you got most of your friends that you talk to are on the internet talking to you and messaging you. This addiction has me going to sleep late and sometimes distracts me from doing my homework.

  9. daniaidette says:

    1. The premise behind Addict Nation is the showing of the different addictions beside drugs and alcohol.
    2. The video allude to differeny addictions like food, texting, excersise, and drugs.
    3. Ads all over and television drives addiction.

    Part B
    The addiction I have to putting lots of salt on all my food and sometimes i just put salt on my hand and lick it. For as Long as I could rememeber I always loved salt. When I was younger and my babysitter was taking care of me i used to go into the kitchen and put the salt on my hand. I always used to get in trouble for that. I love salt point blank. This addiction pleasures me when I eat, salt just gives it that hint of better flavor to me. This addiciton doesn’t stop me from accomplishing any of my goals. Lots of people tell me in the long run when I get older I’m going to have high blood pressure or cholestorel. I never tried to stop, nobody has really told me anything about stopping. I liek the saltiness on my food or just salt itself. I guess the impact I can that salt has had on my life is that it probably had and has me gainning weight. But this addiction isn’t hurting anyone, maybe just me in the future. I will continue to put salt on my food.

    _Daniella Encalada

    • M johnson says:

      Maybe you do not have enough salt in your diet and that is part of why you crave it. But you should go to a nutritionist and try to find some long term healthier choices especially when you look at stats associated with high blood pressure!

  10. 1. The premise behind addiction is that it shows how people are addicted to many different things. We’re a nation consumed by our over consumption.
    2. The addictions that the video alludes to is drugs, food, Internet, and tv.
    3. What drives addiction is that everything that is being presented as a free choice is being designed and packaged and sold to us to get us hooked on.

    What I’m addicted to is soda. The cause of this addiction is basically when I was a kid all I ever drank was soda, barely any water. I even hate how water has no taste that it can make me nauseous. I have to be drinking something sweet. This addiction makes me feel scared because soda has a lot of harmful stuff that can effect me in the future. This addiction doesn’t prevent me from accomplishing other goals but it prevents me from getting water into my body. I have tried to stop but it isn’t easy. I always need a sweet drink when I’m eating, playing sports, etc. Its just so refreshing to me. The impact this has on my life is that I’m probably not as healthy as I should be.

    • M johnson says:

      Maybe you should look at the teeth of people who drink a lot of soda, or the skin of older women who do not drink enough water and finally realize all the harmful side effects and you would stop – Do some investigative reporting!

  11. Jason Efthimiou says:

    Hi Ms. J it’s Jason Efthimiou.

    1. The premise behind this video deals with the false advertisement of products to get you addicted and become a customer.
    2. The addiction presented in this video are drugs, medicine, food, internet, consumer goods, porn, and gambling.
    3. Addiction is driven by dopamine, which is released when you are doing something you like and feel better. Different things produce various amounts of dopamine to people depending on the activity. Eating/Sex/Drugs

    I was addicted to gaming awhile back when I lived upstate. Mainly Xbox and my computer. The root of this addiction was where I lived; I lived in a very quiet and isolated town with no one around. I couldn’t go outside and play because there was no one to play with, and if I wanted to visit friends I would have to drive miles. I felt very lonely with this addiction, I didn’t have much social life outside of school and sports, which was what I did in the majority of my free time besides gaming. For a short time it was very depressing, especially during the winter when I wasn’t playing sports due to the weather, however I did develop a social life over the internet with friends from school or even around the world. Over time I spent more and more time gaming then focusing on my school work, so it affected my grades aswell as my relationship with my parents. I was always in my room. I did stop a while ago, when I moved back to Astoria, where I previously lived I met my old friends and started to go out all the time, so I’d say I have ended my addiction to gaming. This addiction devastated my social life for a few major years during my teen life.

    And yeaaaa.

    • M johnson says:

      I am glad you are someone else recognized this addiction because it has some lone term consequences – I agree despite the connection on the Internet people become isolated from each other

  12. 1) The premise behind the video is that Americans are being brained washed into buying pointless objects they do not need causing them to fall in debt which leads them to some sort of addiction.
    2) The addictions shown in the video includes the internet, violence, sex, food, and money.
    3) ads that are shown and also the personal needs of a person drives addiction.

    I have a couple of addictions but competiton for me is a main one. The root of my competiton addiction started when I first discovered sports I always wanted to better than everyone because I was always doubted so I just work hard because I want to be great I won’t admit someone is better than me when they don’t work as hard as me. This sometimes makes me feel that I come across as being cocky or arrogant but it doesn’t bother me because just like everyone else your trying to be better than the next guy in line. I don’t think it stops me from achieving other goals but I think it helps because life is a competition itself nothing is handed to you so if you want to be a succes you will have to face a lot of competiton in life but you have to have the confidence to know that you are better. I havn’t tried to stop and I won’t stop because competiton is a good thing but if you allow it to take over your life hurting the people around you than I would stop. It has impacted me in a way that I hate losing and I hate not being succesful and when I know I’m not working as hard as I can it eats at me in the inside untill I put in the necessary work.

  13. Helllooo Ms. Johnson its celeste 🙂
    1. The premise behind Addict Nation is the people need to take back the control of the addictions.
    2. The addictions that the video talks about are drugs, food, material goods, texting, violence, sex, porn.
    3. What drives ourselves to addiction is our environment, for example the media.

    ▪ An addiction thats a very huge problem for someone I know is alcoholism. This individual that i care about very much is a very close friend. He has been through a lot of problems like his father not being in his life, his mother causing nothing but stress and the fact that he likes the opposite sex and his mother doesn’t accept him. These can all be the causes of his depression which is making him want to drink. He utilizes alcohol as an escape from his every day problems. My friend says he is unhappy, depressed, and is losing faith. He also doesn’t feel he can talk to anyone.
    The reason why he drinks he says is that he feels like he is happy again and can finally smile. He feels as if he can be a whole other person. Life isn’t easy but i feel that this path will only bring him unhappiness. Alcohol is just making everything more of a challenge and causing him to feel more stress. He doesn’t seem to understand that his health is at risk and that he is also jeopardizing his life. I have tried several times to speak to him and tell him to look at his life and to look at all the people who care but honestly no matter how much I speak to him he continues to consume alcohol. I have even asked my mother to talk to his mother and even asked for him to go to therapy but he refuses to and deny’s that he has a problem.
    He comes home drunk out of his mind and sometimes when I am with him I have to take him home so that I know that he is safe. This has impacted my life because I worry a lot for my friend and his well being. Seems that no matter how much I try to help all I can do is sit there and watch him throw his life away. I hope that one day he can actually open his eyes and see that his life is crumbling and falling apart. I hate seeing him drunk because he makes me feel helpless I want to knock some sense into him but it just doesn’t work. He makes me angry because even though there are people out there that have bigger problems to deal with he is here wasting his life away with each sip he takes. He has a whole life in front of him that he can begin to value and take great positive steps but he doesn’t realize it.
    Alcoholism is a very destructive disease because it becomes an addiction. It effects you and everyone around you. Just like it has effected my friend, his family and me. I truly believe that he can benefit from going to therapy and a substance abuse treatment program. In order to control this disease people must get professional help. I am hopeful that he gets the help that he needs and I am committed to being part of his recovery.

  14. nickbotero says:

    – I feel that im addicted to sports and always being active .
    – I think the cause of this addiction is that i grew up as an only child and all my friends played basketball and other sports and ever since i was young i played sports mainly basketball every day .
    – This addicition makes me feel good and it makes me motivated to get better but sometimes i feel that my addiction is sever because at times i put it over school but other times i dont .
    – At times my addiction prevents me from being an A+ student in school . i believe if i werent into sports i would be a A+ student but as being an athlete and on a basketball team im learning to balance school and basketball . But sometimes it prevents me from studying or doing hw because after practice or workouts i would be too tired to do anything .
    – I have never tried stopping my addiction because i love my addiction to sports and i would never give that up . My addiction to sports makes me competitive and i always feel a rush in me because i always want to win ..
    – The impact my addiction to sports mainly basketball has done is that is has made me a better player and it has made some of my friends and my family to believe in me . It has taught me that its going to be tough but i need to wor hard . This is one addiction that i dont mind having because it isnt killing or hurting anyone . My addiction just makes me work harder and not give up .
    – Nick Botero

  15. alexdicesa says:

    Alex Dicesa

    1) The Premise behind Addict Nation is to show how the American people are being dragged into addiction and how easily it is to become addicted for example something like a gambling addiction because now it can be easily accessed by using a computer.
    2) The addictions the video alludes is prescription drugs, porn, gambling, alcohol, etc…
    3) Television advertisements and the media drives addiction but mainly ourselves are sucked into driving our addiction.

    Part B

    I really have no addictions except for a shopping addiction that can get a bit out of hand sometimes. I’m always buying countless sneakers and expensive clothing brand products to the point where my parents have had serious conversations with me about because they think it’s a real serious problem. This addiction started right when I entered high school because I’ve always felt if you had the new thing everybody wanted you would just fit in. That’s not the case now however I’m still addicted into buying all these new things and most of the things I buy I don’t usually wear most of the time. This addiction makes me feel good because every time you get something new like sneakers, belt, jacket you feel brand new and you have this certain swagger about yourself. This addiction hasn’t really stopped me from completing my goals the only downfall is that most of the time I’m out of money because I have wasted it. Ive wasted countless work checks on just shopping. This addiction is not as serious as it was 2 years ago but sometimes I tend to do a lot of online shopping but then I just think about some of the positives I can be wasting my money on like taking my mom out to dinner or something productive with my mom. This addiction has had a huge impact but I feel as I grow up ill realize the importance of money wasting on material things and that I will eventually grow out of this addiction….hopefully.

    • M johnson says:

      I do to – You have to understand the thrill of the purchase probably lasts a very short period in comparison to a night out with you mom – That is priceless for both of you and life only allows you so many opportunities – do not waste them!

  16. Armani says:

    It’s Armani
    1.What is the premise behind Addict Nation? It’s about how Americans are being addicted so easily to things due to availability and commercials.
    2.What addictions does the video allude to? Shopping, alcoholism, and texting are among the obvious one’s.
    3.The drive of addiction is the rush of joy, and the thrill that courses through your body after sating your addiction.

    Personally if I’m addicted to anything it would have to be music. It wasn’t very long ago that I discovered how much I like music in my opinion, but a more exact time would be just before freshman year. The root cause is something I couldn’t quite put my finger on so other than saying I grew up around with music in the background all the time when I was a kid, and when I finally got a chance to reach out and decide my tastes for myself I grabbed the earliest opportunity! When I listen to a song that I can relate to it really feels good, and gives me a sensation like few things do if anything else does at all. Songs that I may have hated in my childhood due to their frequency now fill me with a sense of nostalgia if I happen to hear them now. There are few things that give me more pleasure than listening to a good song for the first time… ,or the second, third or fourth times for that matter. My tastes in music don’t stop me from achieving my goals at all. I have never tried to stop and for that matter I’ve been listening to music the whole time I’ve been writing this since it keeps me calm or hypes me up depending on the song, and because of that it I can focus and come up new ideas that I would never have had sitting in silence. I listen to music pretty much whenever I’m using the internet, reading, or during commercials on T.V. There is a special kind of rush when reading a good book while listening to music. The music changes your mood and gives you ups and downs while you read which can affect how you feel about certain parts of the book. Books can also give you a new outlook about the song you’re listening to as well which can give you a new rush. If you listen to a song that you listened years before your new experiences can cause you to see the song in a new way and give you a new and different thing. Another way to listen to songs right after another which can cause new rushes with your previous mood being an ever present factor, but as a result albums, playlists and remixes were formed. I really enjoy my “problem” with music and it helps me out so I see no reason to stop now so I’ll keep on going!!

    • M johnson says:

      Music is not an addiction it is a pleasurable activity but if you address the fact it prevents you from doing school work, spending time with family or interrupts other activities – You need to understand the difference! Keep listening and enjoying your music- I am jealous!

  17. Jake King says:

    1. The premise behind Addict Nation is that we are making others richer because we need something unnessary to make us feel better.
    2. The video alludes to alchol, shopping, eating, and drug additions.
    3. What drives addition is the way producers are try to get us to buy the items and how they keep us buying them.
    PART B:
    I am addicted to many things like eating bacause I love trying new things to eat. Mant things cause this addiction, one many be that even since i was little my mom has always brought me out to resturants to and try new things. Another is that my grandmother is always cooking all day so im always eating. This addiction kind of makes me feel better about myself and also makes want to eat more and try new things. This addiction actually doesnt keep me from accomplishing any of my goals because it is an activity I need to do anyway to survive. I’ve never tried to stop because im sure that I can’t stop because it’s something that I need to do on a daily bases or I will die. The only thing im sure i can do is not eat as much or just stick to eating a certain type of food. The addiction has aloud me not to be picky and open my mind to a new world.

    • M johnson says:

      What you describe is not an addiction – eating is pleasurable – so mange!
      You need to look at something that impairs or inhibits activities.

  18. michivas12 says:

    What is the premise behind Addict Nation?
    – The premise behind addict nation is to try to take control of your addiction
    What addictions does the video allude to?
    – This video allude to sex, drug, shopping, and eating addictions.
    What drives addiction
    – What drives addiction is the feeling that we absolutely need to have something and don’t know how to handle ourselves without it.

    Is addiction a problem for you or someone you know? Explain
    – addiction was a problem for me, a while ago. i used to be addicted to pain killers.
    What do you think is the cause or root of this addiction?
    – i think that a lot of personal issues i was going through since i was a kid was the root of this problem
    How have you tried to help treat this addiction?
    – i have gotten helped for this and i like to think that im fine now
    What impact has this addiction had in your life?
    – it impacted my life in the sense that i did a lot of stupid things and i hurt a lot of the people that i love

  19. jasonjeansjp says:

    1. The premise is to control your addiction and to stay away from it forever.
    2.The addictions are internet,violence,sex,food,drugs,alchol,shopping and eating.
    3.The drive behined addiction is to do more of what gives you pleasure, no matter the consequence.

    I am addicted to giving a certain amount of respectrespect to everyone. I have done this sense I was a young boy. The root of this addiction is the amount of self discipline I have created over the years. This is proably also fueled by the lack of stability I have had in my young life from lack of a father figure in life, to lack of being in little leaugue sports or having someone to teach me about growing up as a teenager. With problems such as buying clothes,learning about girls,cvhivalry,respect,educational discipline besides my loving and AMAZING mother. I had to teach myself all that and to respect the “hand” I was dealt.The impact is evident throughout my life no matter being insulted or paying attention to a totally different subject from politics to religion. It makes me feel accomplished because I have the dicipline to sort of “bite my toungue” in almost any situation. This is espically evident when avoiding verbal or physical conflicts. In any of those situation I understand that no matter what happens we are both human and we will both die no matter what happens at the end of the world, and life is to short to dwell on petty violence. So I feel there wouldnt be a need for a fight or argument.This addiction does not prevent me from accomplishing my goals because it has actually let me live a “lassiez fare” attitude.I have never tried to stop nor plan to. I really am thankful for the attitude I have now.This addiction has made me a man that looks on the brighter and side of things.

  20. SusanBukala says:

    -The premise behind Nation Addict is to show us how easily we fall for these addictions and how easy it is to get them in our society without people even realizing it.

    -People get addicted to prescription drugs alcohol, food, and sex.

    -The media, peer pressure, the crave to feel out of reality all drive addiction.

    -Yes, i know someone who used to be bulimic.
    -The root of her addiction was that she wanted to loose wieght, was depressed, and figured it would be a easy way out, until she realized she had a major problem.
    -Yes, i would talk to her and her family about it, and she went to treatment.
    She will never fully recover, that addiction will always be present, but she has to learn to live her life around and consume her time with other things so shes not thinking about it.

  21. M johnson says:

    Was the bulimia an addiction or was it the obsession surrounding body, food, and really low self esteem? Addiction is a behavior pattern that is very difficult to stop despite its adverse effects. Bulimia is usually a result of other underlying issues. Purging can be very destructive and the person feels out of control – I am glad your friend is getting the support they need!

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