“Pick of the Week”  Street Artist – Marc Jenkins

This is due Friday, February 1

  • Choose 1 piece of this artist’s work and post your art pick.
  • Respond – Read and React.


  • Describe: Write down what you see.
  • Ask questions: What do you think about when you look at this art?
  • Place: How does venue play an important role in the art?
  • Opinion: What do you believe is the artist’s message?
  • Predict: What does this art reveal about its creator?
  • Time: What does this art tell us about the time and place of its creation?
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20 Responses to ART AND TIME

  1. Angelica Carlson says:

    Hello, its Angelica Carlson.
    I know this is a day early but I was really looking forward to looking at Marc Jenkins work and figured I would answer the questions!
    This is the piece that stood out most to me:
    1) What I see is what looks like a body in the water, with balloons attached.
    2) My response to the previous question was more of a concrete observation, rather than an abstract one. On a more abstract level, its shows someone who’s attempted to escape, but is grounded. It actually creeped me out a little bit, because it truly looks like a dead body. If this is what Jenkins was going for, he definitely succeeded in my opinion.
    3) The area surrounding this work of art looks like a lake, or river. In the reflection you can see a man with what looks like a puzzled face. (I don’t blame him!) There also looks like an over pass, so this is obviously a frequented area by the public, so its sure to draw attention.
    4) I can honestly say I don’t really know what his message is. I think the balloons represent some sort of escape, especially the way they are tied to his body. Also, the body is face down in the water, showing an almost effortless, lifeless body.
    5) It reveals that its creator has an amazing imagination. This is such a unique piece of art. Its definitely different than your average painting. I am certainly a new fan of Jenkins!
    6) Its during a period of time where anything goes! Its socially acceptable for an artist to express whatever they want in their work. I think its a wonderful, creative addition to the streets of Malmo, Sweden!

    I hope this is good 🙂
    Good night!

  2. Yassmine Issa says:

    It’s Yassmine Issa 🙂
    This is the piece I chose by Marc Jenkins:

    1) It’s a sculpture of a boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt sitting against a building.
    2) When I first saw this, I didn’t think it was a sculpture instead of a real person because of how common this is today. If I walked by this on my way somewhere, I wouldn’t think it was something out of the ordinary because its positioning and placement made it look very realistic.
    3) It looks that it was placed on the corner of a sidewalk sometime during the day and that just helped it look even more realistic. If you walk around today, this sort of image is seen everywhere. Unless you stop for a little bit and really observe it, it won’t have a lot of attention drawn to it.
    4) I think Marc Jenkins is trying to portray a sense of loneliness. Today, we hear a lot of people saying how they constantly feel lonely or invisible. The man walking by it in the picture didn’t seem to pay much attention to it and just pulled his daughter along which could sort of represent how some people feel. People just keep walking by without any sense of care towards the sculpture.
    Also, the fact that it is sitting alone and covering his face with his sweatshirt gives us a sense of loneliness.
    5) This can tell us that Marc Jenkins tried to create something to represent how most people feel today and possibly try to say that he understands how some people feel in our society today.
    6) This sculpture fits today’s time period and I think it correctly represents most people today.

  3. Daniel Cernadas says:

    Hello Ms. Johnson its Daniel Cernadas,
    This is the picture I chose; it is on the link below:

    1) I see a horse/human creature on the sidewalk with golden shoes on both its hands and feet, with a golden can, and its in a urban area, which is surronded by people. It also appears to have chains on its ankle.
    2)I think of poverty and how it strikes at the most convient of places like say your home or a subway train. I think it shows how people tend to ignore the ones in need except for some. For example, the lady next to the creature was trying to help it out by giving it money while other people looked away and stayed a block away from it just staring.
    3)The area around the art was basicly your everday urban area with shops and people. It was meant to draw attention even though most people would react astonished and might stare at in until sometime happens. Others might react in such a matter in that they would ignore this creepy piece of art as a hobo playing a stunt.
    4) I have really no idea what the message is. If i were to guess it would be that it represents poverty and how people pay almost no attention to people in need in our society today.
    5) It reveals that its creator, Jenkins, has an amazing imagination. This is such a unique piece of art and is definitely different than your average painting. I am certainly a new fan of Jenkins because of his weird yet creative pieces of art.
    6)Its during a period of time where artists can express themselves freely. Its socially acceptable for an artist to express whatever they want in their work. Jenkins sure is an extraordinary artist indeed.

  4. Randy Edwards says:

    Hello, It’s Randy Edwards.
    To me, the picture that got the most attention from me was:
    1) In the picture I see: a bed parked at a parking meter, a person sleeping on the bed, and a normal street and sidewalk with cars on the street.
    2) When I look at this art I think of home and sleeping in my warm comfy bed. I also think about the idea that sleeping anywhere can take you away from all the problems in life.
    3) The venue of the art enhances the ideas promoted by the artist and gives a person the thoughts of what they should get out of the picture.
    4) I believe the artist’s message is sleeping is appropriate anywhere and there is nothing better than sleeping on your better.
    5) This art reveals that the creator has an expanded mind and a very deep sense of thinking. It also shows that the creator has possibly a lot of pre-planning to create the art.
    6) The art tells us that there is no limit to what we can create today, and that it is an interesting piece of art to walk across, but definitely unusual.

  5. Alexandra Cordero says:

    Hi Its Alexandra Cordero.
    I dont know how to get the picture in a link, but I chose the picture with the red carpet
    1) I see a red carpet going down a drain on the street.
    2) When I look at this art I think about hollywood where there are many red carpet events. It makes me think of celebrities or an important event that could be going on.
    3) The venue plays an important role because usually red carpets go on for what looks like forever, and the carpet seems to be going down a drain which can go on forever.
    4) I’m not quite sure what the artists message is, but I think it has something to do with something going on forever.
    5) The art reveals that its creator is modern and has a interesting art style. The carpet is literally incorporated into the street which is new. It is in a place where anyone can see it.
    6) I think the art tells us that its time of creation was recent because the red carpet events are something more modern. The place (Washington D.C) is a crowded place where anyone walking could see this art. I think the artist wanted his art to be public for people to see. But at the same time sometimes people are so wrapped up in doing things that they may see a carpet on the street and walk right past it and not even notice.

  6. Valeria Mendez says:

    The Marc Jenkins piece that most stood out to me was

    What I see is a red carpet straight to the gutter. I see famous people who get so wrapped up in their fame and the temptations of “status” that they walk the red carpet to the gutter.
    I think about so many young celebrities that started in the business too early and didn’t know how to react to the pressures of the adult world surrounding them. They turn to drugs and dangerous habits that chase them into tabloids and headlines reading “*Insert Celebrity Here*’s Downward Spiral”. Some end up in the gutter, in the underground, throwing away the rest of their life but they think that it was all apart of what they were living. They didn’t mean for it to happen. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
    I can also see how people, believing the glamorous life behind drugs and alcohol, throw everything away. They end up in the gutter begging for spare change to feed their addictions.
    I think that the fact that it’s on some random city street in Washington, D.C.means that temptations are everywhere, even in the capitols of countries. Anyone can fall victim to this.
    I’n not really sure, to be honest, but maybe the artist’s message is that not all fame is good fame and if you end up on the wrong side of things, it’ll be your downfall. It looks shiny and glamorous but will lead you nowhere.
    I think it means that there is nothing “holy” about fame. People’s paths to self destructions shouldn’t be what attracts news. You constantly see Lindsey Lohan’s downward spiral in magazines. Fame leads to misfortune, and what some people will do to reach fame will leave them worse off.
    I think the art tells us that we’re living in a time of social and moral corruption, be that in Hollywood or D.C. We’re attracted to the devastation of people to boost our ego. Anything goes and if it leads to getting your name out, it’s whatever it takes.

    Sorry, it’s sort of all over the place.

  7. Ruben Ocana says:

    Hello Ms. Johnson. The picture by Marc Jenkins that stood out to me the most was the human black cocoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    IT LOOKS SO REAL! I find it scary and it amuses me at the same time. The place where he chose to place it is genius! If i was to see something like that in the middle of a forest i would be scared out of my mind. It isn’t anything simple, it’s unique and Jenkins was thinking outside of the box. The setting really goes with the black cocoon, it would give me chills to see it when the sun is down rather than when it is fully visible.

  8. Jonathon Mills says:

    Hey Ms. Johnson its Jonathon Mills here’s the picture that stood out most to me
    1) So its black garbage bags with either the entire sculpture or just with feet sticking out to make it look like someone was in bag. its four or three bodies and its on a sidewalk in London.
    2) i think that wow this could really scare someone and stop them from what they’re doing. it draws them into the art and says if you could you’d see if i was a real body or not.
    3)the venue plays an important role because it’s a place that people travel through and would stop to admire a piece of art like this and it doesn’t affect anyone particularly or is in the way.
    4)i think that the artists’ message to the people is that anything could happen in an instant and how people react to it make them who they are.
    5) the art reveals that its creator has put a lot of thought into it and that it was meant to make people wonder and raw them in.
    6)it tells us that its pretty modern but could also be put into other times in history but especially in the 20th and 21st centuries would this art have the greatest effect because people would stop to aspire about the piece of art.

  9. Daniel Chauca says:

    Hi this is Daniel Chauca.
    The piece that I liked the best was

    1. In this piece I see a woman sleeping in a bed in the middle of a street with some people in the background and in the cars noticing it.
    2. I thought the art was pretty good. It looks like an actual person is sleeping there until you look closer. When I see this I think about all the people who will be there walking by and their reactions to this lady sleeping in the middle of the street.
    3. The street plays a very important part in the art. This is a public place and people will be drawn to it. Many people walking or driving by will notice this. The art in a public place allows more people to take a closer look and focus their attention on it.
    4. I have no idea what Mark Jenkins is trying to say in this piece. It is a very different type of art that I haven’t seen before and I like it because it allows people to think about it
    5. This art reveals that Mark is a very creative artist who uses different ways to express his messages.
    6. This art tells us that many new artists are having different ways to express their feelings without using just paintings. It tells us that people use simple sculptures, like the one I chose, to give a deeper meaning.

  10. Rose Occhino says:

    Hi! It’s Rose Occhino.
    This is the piece of art I choose:

    1. Three horses made of some sort of clear, plastic-looking material. Each horse is attached to a tree, making them resemble the horses I would find on a carousel.
    2. When looking at this piece, I immediately think of carousels and childhood. However, it also looks as if one of the horses in the back has lost it’s way, and seems almost lonely. I wonder what Perkins was actually thinking when he created these creatures; did he have a childish or more serious point of view?
    3. The “venue” of this art is what seems to be a forest. The light shining through the leaves of the tall trees above seem to give this piece a brighter feel. The way that the plastic material contrasts with the vivid greenery makes the horses stand out even more. The almost-clear horses also blur the forest behind them. The overall setting of this particular piece is stunning, and it compliments the horses very nicely.
    4. I struggle to figure out what Perkins is trying to say through this piece of art. On the outside, it seems as though he has no real message to convey, and the horses just represent the fun and beauty of a childhood. However, I think that this piece may have a deeper meaning. Each horse is facing a different direction, and they seem to be mid-gallop. They seem to be looking for each other or something else. They look lonely and nervous. I’m not so sure if this is what Perkins is trying to convey, to be honest, but it could be a possibility!
    5. This art reveals that the artist is very creative with his choice of venue. Looking through his other works, I noticed that Perkins makes his art stand out with his realistic statues, use of strange materials for sculptures, and, most importantly, the venue. He uses various places around the globe to make people notice his artwork. In this piece, he uses the forest to make these horses stand out.
    6. This art can go back into nearly everyone’s childhood. It fits today’s and past time periods perfectly and many people can truly appreciate it! 🙂

  11. Paloma Díaz says:

    Paloma Díaz
    The piece that I chose is

    1.) I see a stop sign with leaves attached to it. Its shadow looks like a flower.
    2.) When I look at this piece of art, I think that it’s trying to tell us to pay more attention to nature.
    3.) I think that this art is set outside so it can attract people’s attention and make them think about the message.
    4.) This art had a very important message because it’s telling us that if we stop once in a while to pay attention to nature we can experience life in its purest and most raw form.
    5.) This art reveals that Marc Jenkins might be concerned with the way people look at nature today.
    6.) This piece is definitely in today’s modern time. I’m not exactly sure what it is trying to tell us about its place of its creation.

  12. Samantha Kosziollek says:

    Hello, it’s Samantha Kosziollek.
    This is the piece I chose by Marc Jenkins:
    The 14th piece of the ‘City’ section of his artwork.
    1). In this piece, I see a figure made out of newspapers. This figure is reading a newspaper while sitting by a curb against a pole. I also noticed the advertisements posted on the pole and on the car across the street from where the figure is sitting.
    2). When I look at this piece of artwork, I imagine a regular person. In this case, I believe the figure is focused too much on media – the newpapers, advertisements – to realize any other surroundings.
    3). This piece of artwork is displayed on what seems to be a sidewalk in a city. This plays an important role in the message of the artwork because advertisements are found everywhere in a city compared to the countryside.
    4). I believe that Marc Jenkins was trying to express how much people focus on the media nowadays. Perhaps, he insisted on the point that we let the media control our lives.
    5). This piece of art might portray the creator as someone who opposes to the constant use of technology. Maybe the creator feels that people shouldn’t rely on technology as much as we do.
    6). This sculpture definitely portrays how most people see the world today. I think it was an accurate approach to what is the main focus point of pretty much anything we do in the 21st century.

  13. Hi Mrs.Johnson!! It’s Cat and I’d have to say the piece that stood out the most to me was the statue of a rifle-brandishing soldier with a plastic baby hanging onto the barrel.

    1. The picture depicts a statue of a a soldier running into war while holding his gun. Marc Jenkins placed his plastic baby sculpture on the barrel of the rifle.
    2. The first thought that comes to mind is probably the most obvious-warfare. In my opinion, war is the least reasonable and least effective way to deal with a problem. (Unless you abide my Hemingway’s quote of “The shortest answer is doing the thing.”). I also think of the art behind the art. The statue is not only a memorial for those who have fallen but also a art piece itself- the way the soldier looks are also symbolic in their nature.
    3. The picture was taken in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and the statue must be depicting a soldier during WWI or WWII. Also noticing that there is a Eagle on a flag pole to the left, I can assume that this is a place of mass political power- like a Post office or town hall or even a museum- some place people pass by often.
    4. To me, I see the death of a generation. Having watched the numerous films I have, I always see a recurring problem in the films as well as history overall (especially WWII)- the older generation starts the war and the younger generation has to end it. I see the soldier running into battle and the baby hanging onto the sides almost looks like it is being shot, almost as if it didn’t even have a chance.
    5. This piece can show that Jenkins is conscious of the world around him, of the monstrosities that are taking place and he chooses to depict it the best and most simple way he can- by just showing what is happening. It reminded me of this video- -which depicts all the emotions and goes through the entire 60s period. Jenkins in his own way is showing all the pain and suffering the younger and future generations have and will feel when it comes down to this predicament.
    6. Jenkins’ art itself is of course a modern piece meant to provoke emotion through the use of an older art piece and a older time period. It really is meant to show the younger generation (the baby, Jenkins’ art piece) with the use of fighting for the older (the statue) generation, and the consequences it has.

    Oh- and here’s that falling guy I was telling you about:

  14. Karina Escalante says:

    It’s Karina Escalante.
    This is the piece I chose by Marc Jenkins:

    1.) This piece is a sculptuer of garbage bags on the sidewalk with pairs of legs sticking out of them.
    2.) When I look at this art, I can only think of how unusual it is. I can imagine walking down the street and being almost frightened by it if I were to see it for the first time. Looking at this artwork makes me feel confused overall.
    3.) Venue takes an important role in the art because the sculpture is literally placed on the sidewalk where millions of people walk on everyday. If Marc Jenkins wanted this sculpture to be recognized by the public or by anyone at all, he placed it in the perfect place.
    4.) I think Marc Jenkins tries to portray a feeling of depression within this sculpture. It seems as if the real people whom the pairs of legs belong to dont feel confident about themselves or feel like they are useless – therefore they want to hide or not exist at all. The garbage bags give it away a little, because if I were sad or depressed, I know I would feel like placing a bag over my head and avoiding everyone.
    5.) This art may tell us that the creator, Marc Jenkins, may be feeling lonely or depressed. He may also be trying to show the public how some people think of themselves.
    6.) It tells me that the time of its creation may have been frustrating or stressful. As for the place, I dont think Marc Jenkins really cared where he was going to put this sculptrue, as long as it was easy for people to recognize it, give it some of their attention, and cause them think about their own lives.

  15. Melissa Fellin says:

    Hi Ms. Johnson, it’s Melissa Fellin. The piece that I chose to write about was this one Also, sorry for the late response, we didn’t get home from our game until 9ish.
    1) What I literally see is a red carpet leading down in to what looks like some kind of waste system.
    2) I think about celebrities and Hollywood stars walking down a red carpet. So a question I had initially asked is why there is one leading to the sewer?
    3) I think that venue does play a big role in the art. When people normally associate with a red carpet it usually isn’t one that’s on a dirty street. This is also the first thing that struck me about this piece of art. People mainly associate a red carpet with celebrities and important or famous people. Furthermore, having it placed there played a big role in the art because (well for me) made me think of an out of place red carpet that doesn’t look like it belongs on a street. However, the norm is to associate one with famous people, so it makes you wonder even more why one is on a dirty street.
    4) I think the artist’s message is not everyone who walks down a red carpet has such an amazing life. Yes from our point of view they have everything, but it’s not always the case. Just because they walk down the red carpet doesn’t mean they can’t have bad times, or even bad lives (meaning the carpet going into the sewers). His message to me is everything is not always as it seems and that can apply to celebrities too. Just because they seem to be greater people, doesn’t mean they won’t fall into their own kind of problems (the carpet going into the sewer again). It doesn’t have to be celebrities in general, just anyone with a high social rank than the majority of the population. I think it also has another message. I think he believes that maybe a lot of people who walk down the red carpet don’t deserve to have the importance that they do. They essentially act, sing etc. and get millions for it. Maybe there are other people like firemen and policemen who work the streets like where this one is and play a major role in the safety of our lives and don’t get a red carpet to walk down or that much recognition and pay as celebrities. Maybe normal everyday people who walk those very streets deserve a red carpet too.
    5) I think it reveals that its creator has a lot to comment on about society and the different levels of society. I think he purposely puts his art on the street because he knows tons of more people walk the streets everyday as opposed to going to museums to look at art. I think it means he also has a very creative imagination because a red carpet in the middle of the street is not something you see every day. It reveals that he likes putting his art on the streets (especially this one) because it can relate to everyday life and most people walking past it.
    6) I think it tells us that during this time its commonplace to see things out of the usual. It’s not every day you’re walking down the sidewalk and a red carpet is in the middle of the street, but most people will probably just brush it off. It’s also in a way acceptable to see a red carpet in the middle of the street because most people won’t think anything of it. I think it also tells us that maybe the younger generations alive during this period might respond better to a physical art on the street rather than a picture of whatever the artist is trying to represent in a museum. Since that’s true I would say it also tells us that the younger people of this time are actually not necessarily into art, but if they were to come across a piece of art on the street , they would stop to ponder them . If the artist knew that no one would walk by their art, I don’t think they’d display it. I think he has faith that people will actually walk by and notice his art and comment on it.

  16. Joerenz Bolina says:

    Hi Mrs. Johnson, it’s Joerenz.

    The piece of art I decided to pick was this one:

    1) It seems to be an outdoor sculpture. I see green leaves and vines growing over and covering most of the area. Seemingly forming the points of a triangle are three green men/statues that are covered in leaves similar to the ones surrounding them. They seem to be in camouflage color code. There are also cars and a highway in the background, but I find it questionable as to whether he truly meant for them to be in the snapshot or if it happened purely by coincidence.

    2) This piece of art makes me think of nature and sunshine, despite the cars and the highway in the background. The environment feels lush, pleasant, and mellow. I also kind of feel like I’m suffocating, as the way those leaves are gathered and wrapped on the hill makes it look as if they could choke you. The green statues were also hard to notice at first. I had to take a second glance in order to realize that there actually were leafy human sculptures cleverly camouflaged on the leafy hill. Otherwise, it would have looked like some plain, old leafy hill (not that there’s anything wrong with that). They also looked human-like, so I almost thought they were real people dressed for this specific piece of art.

    3) The leafy environment helps make the leafy people more subtle and harder to notice at first. I feel as if these leaves and the people play a huge role in his message, whatever it may truly be. The tall leafy structures and the rising hill make it look as if these people were in a sea of green. Unless you look closely, it’s unlikely you’ll notice this art when you’re just passing by. This sculpture is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The South is known for its country-ish and home-like environment. This helps add to the pleasant and lush feeling given off by the leaves.

    4) When I see this green art, I feel that just like these vines and leaves, the influences of society force us to blend in with what society wants: the influences wrap around us as tightly as these vines. These influences sometimes prevent us from doing what we want, no matter how weird, strange, or silly. From what I see, these figures represent people trying to reach out from under these pressures (the vines) and stand out, despite being held down and left colored green. They still seem blended into the green sea around them; however, they make an effort to be who they are and do what they want. They are subtle people trying to make big changes, so that we don’t have to be pressured to follow those influences if we don’t want to. We have to be ourselves, and at times rebel against what society wants us to do or suppress if we don’t want to do it (of course, we can’t take this to the extreme and start breaking the law; what I mean is listening to the music you want, avoiding cliques, wearing what you want, etc.). This is what I think Jenkins is trying to portray in this specific piece of art.

    5) I think it reveals the artist is creative, expressive, imaginative, and rebellious. The way in which he creates his art is unique, as I don’t currently know any artists who take almost life-like human sculptures and place them in streets and public areas. Considering these are public areas, I can almost bet people get freaked out by his works and report it to the cops. His persistence to use the streets and public areas as his “canvas” (or at least part of his sculpture) despite the possible trouble he may face with the authorities shows his rebellious nature/side. His art is definitely creative and expressed differently from any artist I’ve seen before.

    6) Since it’s in color, the photo and art is most likely modern day. There are even 21st century looking cars on the highway. The place looks like a leafy path or part of a forest right next to the highway or on the roadside. This must’ve been done in the early 21st century. Also, the message about suppression still applies to today. People get criticized for what they wear, what religion they participate in, what ethnic heritage they are from, or anything weird or stupid they like to do. Some people continue being themselves, while others completely suppress themselves to try to fit in the mold society has set for them. This piece of art is definitely unique and modern day, 21st century.

    And this is my two cents on Mark Jenkins’ leafy art sculpture.

  17. Maynard Santos says:

    Maynard Santos
    The piece that interested me the most was:

    1) A leg violently rips/kicks through a framed painting of beautiful flowers.
    2) Looking at this piece, it seems almost simple but blunt in its expression. The white background allows me to focus on the the painting, which is a warm bouquet of flowers. I’m wondering if the leg part is actually kicking through the wall behind the painting, or if its attached to the painting itself.
    3) I would imagine that this piece would be hanging in a contemporary art exhibit, which would would mean it would be surrounded by other unique pieces. However, if it was hanging in a regular gallery, it would certainly be eye-catching and thought provoking when surrounded by other sculptures/conventional art pieces. (this wouldn’t surprise me since many of the sculptures/pieces on the website are placed in unconventional places which would garner them much attention from people passing by.
    4) One of the reasons I chose this piece was because it was the only one that immediately transmitted a message to me. Its a leg kicking through a flat two-dimensional painting, its breaking through the boundary and almost creating a third dimension to the painting. In my opinion, the artist is trying to convey a message relating to breaking past boundaries or is supporting a movement towards breaking out of conventional art (represented by the painting of flowers, which in my opinion, is as common as a painting of fruit or a painting of a forest or mountain) and shifting to more unconventional expression.
    5) Going back to question 4, I think that this piece reveals the creator’s creativity, and I think a provocative nature as well since many of the pieces on the website are very unusual and thought provoking.
    6) I would have to say that this piece was created around the 2000s maybe, within the decade. I’m no art expert but I feel like this piece is very contemporary & abstract which I presume is a characteristic of modern art (I think the abstract characteristic of modern/contemporary art is because artists are trying new and unconventional techniques of expression which differ from the centuries of painting/sculpturing techniques that were are used to.)

  18. Andrew Dookhie says:

    This is Andrew Dookhie. I choose this work from Mark Jenkins:
    1) I see a sculpture of a man wearing a sheep head. He is digging through the garbage, scouring for food.
    2) This sculpture makes me feel sad for those who must live this way. For the helpless poor who live in today’s society.
    3) The positioning of the sculpture is what gives it its importance. It’s in an urban area where everyone can see it. Most people just walk by the man, or stop and laugh.
    4) I believe Jenkins message was that of higher societies’ neglect of poor starving people. It is ironic the man is wearing a sheep head. Shepherds are supposed to care for their sheep. In this case, however, the sheep must find its own way to survive.
    5) Since Jenkins took the time to sculpt and position this meaningful work of art, I deduced he is conscious of many of todays major problems.
    6) This art can be used very effectively in today’s world.

  19. Neena Arias says:

    Neena Arias
    This is the piece I chose:

    1)Describe: I see a person sitting on the edge of a roof top. Long blonde hair, red top, jeans. The buildings seem a bit dingy and there is a worn down sign that seems to say ‘THOMAS’ on the left side of the picture. There also seems to be an image of a bird on the side of the building.
    2)Ask questions: I think of being alone, loneliness, because of the posture of the person. And with the bird, maybe a longing to be free or liberated. Or the person is thinking, a sort of introspective-ness.
    3)Place: I think the venue plays a role because, this was taken in Washington D.C. and most of the time, when people think of there, they think of the White House and the pristine area around it, and not the backstreets and the places that are under the surface and my not be as clean or nice. Places that may not be as cheerful and pretty.
    4)Opinion: I think the artist could have been trying to display the underbelly of the place how not everything is as nice as it is on the surface and you have to look deeper behind the initial image to see what actually hides behind it.
    5)Predict: I think this piece reveals that the artist may be feeling alone, or introspective, needing someone to look deeper into him in order to see what really lies beneath.
    6)Time: I think this tells us that in a place that is full of structure and seeming perfection, there is a side that not many see, a side that is lonesome and may be feeling trapped.

  20. Juan Lopez says:

    This is the piece that I chose:
    1) What i see in this picture is a man on his knees staring at a mannequin in a store that is advertising a knew dress.
    2) What i think about when i look at this picture i think why is the mannequin staring at the other mannequin in the store and why it looks like it has a sense of longing in it
    3) Venue plays an important role in this piece because it looks like a busy area where a lot of people shop in and then that will mean that many people will see it
    4) What i think the artists message is is that society is to focused and entranced by fashion and that we think of nothing else except how we look and how other people look
    5) I think that this piece reveals that the artist Marc Jenkins thinks that we are to focused on fashion and that we think of nothing else and that we should focus on other more important things
    6) I think that the art tells us that in most places people focus their time looking at pieces of expensive clothing and wasting too much money on it and i think it happens the most in Rome because this is where this piece is set in

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