This is due February 28 on the blog. You cannot choose your own piece!

Double check I did not omit anyone’s choice- Let me know! Thank you

1.Which sculpture  would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?

2.  “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?

3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?


Lee Bontecou – “Flit” –




EXCLAMATION POINT: Richard Artschwager 


Dirty White Trash (with gulls) – Shadow Art


Mechanical Head (Spirit of Our Age)


Mark di Suvero – Motu Viget: Giant Tire Swing


Jean Arp Cloud Shepard


What You See May Not be Real


Rodin’s Hand of God and Hand of the Devil


Rodin’s Burghers of Calais


Rodin’s Gates of Hell


Cupid Playing With A Butterfly

Cupid Playing With A Butterfly

Gay Liberation by George Segal


Discus Thrower

disk thrower

Perseus and Medusa by Cellini

Perseus With the Head of Medusa by Canova

308px-Persee-florence 2972870367_d18224104f_z

Cupid and Psyche by Canova


Nike of Samothrace


Statue of Prometheus


BERNINI’S Daphne and Apollo


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43 Responses to VOTE FOR THE BEST WORK!

  1. Yassmine Issa says:

    This is Yassmine Issa and I chose the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil by Rodin

    1) If I was to choose a sculpture that I could take home, it would be Rodin’s The Hand of God and the Hand o the Devil. I would choose this sculpture because I love the meaning of it and everything Rodin is trying to get us to understand. If I took the sculpture home, I would put it somewhere that whenever someone walks in, they would be able to see it, This would be somewhere like the living room so that everyone would be able to look at it and try to understand how important the message is. What I liked most about this sculpture is the way Rodin portrayed his message with the different rocks he used. This was able to give the sculpture more emphasis to the meaning.

    2) Rodin used sculpture to portray the difference between the hand of God and the Hand of the Devil. He made the Hand of God look very gentle by cradling Adam and Eve the way you would cradle a baby and it gave off a sense of safety. The type of rock he used also gave of this sense gentleness because when you see it, you would think that its smooth and the bright white of it also helped in portraying his message. In the sculpture of the Hand of the Devil, you get the complete opposite message. The rock and the color of it give you a sense of darkness. The bony hand no longer gives you a sense of safety and instead of cradling the man, it looks like the hand is dragging him down. The man in the Hand of the Devil looks scared instead of safe.

    3) If I was on a stranded island, I would not have chosen the same sculpture because although the message behind it is beautiful, I don’t the type of rocks Rodin used would really help me survive. The messages might have been completely different but the sculpture I would’ve used is, Dirty White Trash because there might some materials in the sculpture that could really help me. I would have based my choice on material rather than the message or meaning.

  2. Hi Mrs. Johnson! It’s your remarkably favorite student Cat! (I can hear your excitement at my modesty). If I were to bring home one of the above sculptures, it would be Dirty White Trash.

    1. I would probably bring home Dirty White Trash solely for the purpose of looking at it. While the sculpture could be taken into any different context depending on the person viewing it, I see it as a motivator. Not only does the shadow depict two people lounging around- whether it be in defeat or victory, the pile possesses a deep stirring of emotions that can be attained only in great defeat or in great victory. I would put the sculpture at the opposite end of my room (hopefully it doesn’t smell like a pile garbage either), where I would wake up everyday to the site of the pile of garbage, and then go to bed with the moon’s light fixed upon the pile, creating the two people in the shadow. In this way, the sculpture could be seen just as a pile of garbage in the morning- nothing being done, a slow and cranky start- and then at night when the day is over (well duh- when it’s night time, that usually means the daylight has gone away), I shall see the two shadows and the meaning of the sculpture would change from day to day, depending on how the day went. What I’m trying to say is, your day is what you make of it- if you see two people contemplating a murder-suicide pact (stop psycho-analyzing me! Keep this in mind for number 2), then you obviously did not make much of your day, but if you see two people relaxing after a long successful day, then your day went well.

    2. “I’m a white trash cracker from a white trash town that no one would bother to piss on.” You are a well educated history teacher (flattery can go far places, can’t it?), so I do hope you are watching and addicted to House of Cards. This quote was taken from Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey. . and if you clicked the link, you would see I am fond of him. . . as well as most people in the class can attest to), who uses it to state that he has made much of himself against all odds. Well today I see the sculpture in the sense that you can do anything you set your mind to, and so I see the sculpture saying that no matter what odds are against you, you can still accomplish anything and lead yourself to success. I learned the sculpture is made out of things the couple who made it needed to survive, I learned that these are things that may not seem like the best of choices. There are numerous candy wrappers and fast food labels within the pile, and there always comes a question as to whether it is really necessary to survive. To what seems like an appetizing dinner to one may seem like a gruesome ordeal to another, and so the necessities of life are different to each person and to each region of the world.

    3. While I do not understand why I would choose to bring a sculpture with me to a deserted island instead of a boat and gas, no, I wouldn’t choose to bring Dirty White Trash to the island with me. While I do like Yassmine’s answer (shout out to Yassmine) that there could be basic necessities within the piece, I would bring Ron Mueck’s Big Man with me. Why? Well you should know by now that I’m a huge film buff, so if you haven’t seen 28 Days Later, I am ruining the ending for you. . as well as saving you the 2 hours to watch it. In order to get a helicopter to spot you, you’re going to need something big and attractive to the eye. And while the Exclamation Point is very appealing to the eye, it is small and could be mistaken as a tree or some other type of plant indigenous to the island. So what I would do is I would set up the Big Man on the highest place on the island and therefore when helicopters pass by, they would mistake the realistic looking sculpture to be a real person that looks stranded on the island and therefore have to land to check. Also, most of the other sculptures are made of marble, other types of stone or bronze- sinkable objects. And the ones that probably could float- Dirty White Trash, the Mechanical Head etc- could not support me if I wanted to float away like Tom Hanks did. (That’s right, I would use my sculpture as a raft instead of finding branches, which brings me to my next point:) I could also burn the sculpture for warmth if need me, and if I could not find shelter (or needed temporary shelter while I was building the other shelter (that makes sense), I can always make a hole in the side of the big man and stay there- I’m sure the fake body fat (Star Wars reference) would keep me warm until the helicopters spot me down.

    Well that’s my ultimate desert island survival guide. No, I am not related to Bear Grylls.

  3. Samantha Kosziollek says:

    This is Samantha Kosziollek. I really liked the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil by Rodin.

    1). If I had the opportunity to take one of these sculptures home, I would choose the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil created by Rodin. I would choose this sculpture because its general structure is beautiful, and I was able to connect with its meaning since I am dedicated in my faith. It represents God guiding us up to heaven, and the Devil pulling us down into hell. The meaning behind Rodin’s artwork is captivating, and I think no matter what kind of art you like you will be drawn into Rodin’s sculpture. That is why I would place this sculpture in a living room type setting where all could see and enjoy its beauty and meaning. I liked the way Rodin illustrated his two meanings by the texture of the hands. The Devil’s fingers were curled, while God’s fingerrs appeared more delicate (uncurled=less demanding and threatening).

    2). I think if the image could talk it would say “God is tender…trust in him. The Devil is rough…he cannot help you on your path to glory.” I learned that Rodin used different rocks to help portray his messages more clearly. The rougher rock corresponds with the Devil, while the smoother rock corresponds with God. Rodin was greatly influenced by religion. He left his vocation dedicated to religion in order to pursue working as a craftsman.

    3). If I were on a deserted island and I had to choose one sculpture, I would not have chosen the same one because its elements would not be able to help me to surivive. I would have chosen Dirty White Trash (with gulls). This is because if there were no food on the deserted island, I could always try to eat anything edible built into the sculpture.

    • mjsevensins says:

      I agree the more contact I have with Rodin’s work the more it inspired me. I am glad you shared how this is another extension of your faith. The creation is inspiring and the Hand of God is a beautiful reference to our relationship with God.
      Dirty White Trash is a hit and your choice is very pragmatic!

  4. Maynard Santos says:

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?

    If I were able to possess any of these sculptures, I would choose ‘Nike of Samothrace’. Simply observing the sculpture evokes powerful, moving emotions.

    Elegance. Vigor.

    Nike’s tunic appears to be flowing around her body, windswept; the sculptor created an image of gracefulness through the tunic which synergizes with the other features of the goddess of Victory. The posture implies some form of confidence and the wings are primed into a powerful “liftoff” position. In my opinion, Nike of Samothrace radiates beauty & majesty which is interesting to look at.

    I would place this sculpture in a garden, somewhere that would allow the sunlight to amplify its features and do it justice.

    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?

    “Triumph has been achieved.” Or something along those lines, I figure that this sculpture would have a difficult time communicating without a head though.

    From what I understand, this sculpture previously rested upon a pedestal which represented the prow of a victorious naval fleet. Nike of Samothrace has no known sculptor (sculpted around 190 BC), it’s name was given based on the fact that it was found on the Greek island of Samothrace around 1863. Since it commemorates a victory, Nike the goddess of Victory seems a fitting model. Originally the piece did have a head and arms, although these were lost.

    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?

    Although ‘Nike of Samothrace’ is visually appealing, it has not utility in my opinion, there would be no practical use for it if I were stuck on an island.

    Instead I would bring Motu Viget: Giant Tire Swing sculpture ( The sheer immensity of the sculpture would certainly aid my chances of being located by ships or planes, three prominent steel beams on an island shore would catch some attention. In addition, the tire component looks pretty decent to rest in, some big banana leaves would probably allow me to cover the openings and keep me warm and comfy during the nights.

    If no rescue was plausible, I’m hoping I could fashion some pretty awesome weapons and tools out of the metal beams. I’m not exactly sure if I could get a forge hot enough to mold it but it would be worth a shot. Alternatively, I could create a platform at the apex of the beams using whatever wood or building materials I would be able to scavenge.

    also the tire swing looks pretty fun

    -Maynard Santos

    • mjsevensins says:

      The Nike Swoosh was designed in the early 70’s by Carolyn Davidson, who was a student at the time. It was inspired by the winged victory of Nike. So I am glad she is still inspiring us. I agree that it would be beautiful in an outdoor garden. Perhaps because her head it missing she may be more inspirational to us. I agree the Giant Swing is an awesome toy, shelter as well as tools in survival. Good choice! You seem ready for the challenge!

  5. Daniel Chauca says:

    Daniel Chauca
    1) If I had to choose a sculpture to take home, I would have chosen “What You See May Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling because no one would have a sculpture like this in their homes. it is very humorous to look at and i would probably put it in my living room for everyone to see. what i like about the statue is that it is different than other sculptures in the way it conveys its message.people would look at this staue would find it very funny to look at.

    2)if the sculpture could speak to me, the man getting smashed into the wall would say “HELP!!”
    i learned that the sculptor is a Chinese artist and this sculpture is in Beijing,China. I also discovered that the bull represents wall street and the man on the wall is a jailed financier named Bernard Madoff.

    3)I would have still chosen this sculpture because if a helicopter went over the island they would surely see it. if they don’t and i’m stuck on the island, i would sit under the bull to be protected from the sun.

  6. Joerenz Bolina says:

    Hi Mrs. Johnson, it’s Joerenz.

    There was a huge tiebreaker (for me) among the pieces of art that I really liked, but the one that I’m going to settle down with is Valeria’s pick, which was Mark di Suvero’s Motu Viget: Giant Tire Swing.

    1) The sculpture I would take home would definitely be the Giant Tire Swing. It looks like a lot of fun to ride on and swing on all day. I actually wouldn’t mind just swinging on it and basking in the sun, playing music, sleeping, or reading a book simultaneously with the rhythmic swing of the tire one afternoon. It just seems so relaxing and fun, especially since it is a tire swing, and a big one at that. Relaxation and enjoyment is practically written on it (well, in truth, strength and activity is the meaning of it’s latin name, Motu Viget), and knowing that the steel bars will support you and prevent the tire from getting flimsy reassures the rider that they can relax contently and worry free. Then feeling the wind whoosh past your face would pretty much top it all off. I don’t really know where I would put it. I think I would tell my dad to clear out the area behind the house near the shed where the cars are parked, and then place the tire swing there. Then I would use it for my personal use, and also allow friends and family to ride it. I would donate it to the park for recreational use of the community, but that kind of ruins the point of the swing being for my relaxation purposes. Then, it would probably get a bunch of germs from all the different people using it, and I don’t know if I myself would still want to use it after that. What I liked is the feelings of serenity, repose, and juvenility brought about by it. Imagine a bright sunny day, with the sunlight on you, the wind breezing by, and the calm soothing effect the swing would bring to you (unless, of course, it were allergy season). It really puts you in a state of complete tranquility, and helps you forget about the problems you have, with the hypnotic, stead rhythmic swinging of the tire. The nostalgia coming from the juvenile feel is also excellent, as feeling the joy of a child again is something to be treasured and valued. It brings a sense of enjoyment, adventure, and fun to the swing. You could swing wildly like on a jungle vine, pretend you’re on a space ship. or even fast forward to teen years, and imagine (or rather just go ahead and do it) hanging out with friends/family or making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. But rewinding back to the little kid feel, it is so exhilarating. Those three qualities, plus the addition that swings are awesome to ride one, are why the work stood out to me and what I liked best about it.

    2) If it could talk? “Ride me.” Or something along that line. A giant toy (rather, swing for this case) is basically calling out (more like screaming) to be played with, and this sculpture is no exception. And if it seems childish to think so, it could also be interpreted into an ‘adult format’. “Relax on this here tire and swell with inactivity and repose as it propels from the steel bars of immaculate strength.” Besides thinking of it as a giant toy for kids, it could also be a sophisticated tire-swing for adults.
    I learned that the Mr. di Suvero is an older man, who is currently 79. He made this sculpture back in 1977. He is an internationally renowned sculptor who is best known for his large scale public art work. His sculptures often itneracth with the wind, the surroundings, and most especially the audience (it seems so just based on this sculpture alone). This also seems to be made within the more contemporary era. This is back in back of a building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The motto of the town, which was starting to feel forgotten, was Motu Viget, which in latin meant “Strength in Activity”. After being commissioned by The U.S. General Services Administration for the Gerald R. Ford Federal Building, di Suvero created this sculpture to bring back the motto in the form of a sculpture and hopefully influence the people (most especially the kiddies). This sculpture is pretty tall, and has a giant tire swing hanging from three metal beams which are arranged very carefully. The original design was rejected due to danger issues in which the strong winds in Grand Rapids would topple the piece and hurt people who are around it when that happens. The design I described two sentences ago is the current design that was accepted by the GSA. The swinging tire symbolizes the motion (activity), while the strength is symbolized by the metal beams supporting the tire as it swings. The best part about it is that the audience can interact with the swing tire and swing and relax on it.

    3) No, I wouldn’t have. As nice as it would be to have a tropical paradise vacation on that island with the swing, it wouldn’t really be helpful in terms of helping you survive or be found, despite being a fun way to pass time. Fire can be made on the island for food and SOS calls, so trying to get an eye catching piece isn’t all that helpful, albeit it does help a little more. The garbage is nice for its utility, but I think I found a better choice for myself that I would want more: Mechanical Head (Spirit of Our Age). I wouldn’t want to be completely alone, as that would drive me nuts, especially in the darkness at night. Similar to Wilson’s role in the movie Castaway, this head would provide a way for me to keep my mental insanity in check and prevent myself from getting lonely while trying to survive and hopefully catch the attention of a passing ship or plane with fire. I would have someone to talk to, to interact, to share my thoughts and feelings and aspirations with. Lack of human interaction, in my opinion, doesn’t affect your ability to survive; however, it kind of prevents real pleasure and happiness, which should be shared with others. Lack of happiness just makes life not worth living, and existence would be completely pointless. The swing would make one happy and relaxed, but under a huge amount of stress, it won’t be listening or comforting you and your thoughts like the head does, which seems human like so you could imagine its really listening and interacting with you. Regardless if the people who find me look at me like a nut job, I’d rather be happy and content and having a friend while trying to survive than losing my insanity under the immense amount of stress and pressure from being stuck on the desolate island, losing hope from depression, and then just killing myself. I’d probably call him Woody, or just stick to Wilson like Tom Hanks did.
    Also, the ruler on the side of Woody’s head could be used for hunting. The thimble on top could be for storing water or berries or other important resources. The wallet on the side would also do the same thing, except store just other things I’d want to store.

    And this is my two cents on the sculptures we looked over and presented in class.

    • mjsevensins says:

      The Giant Tire Swing makes us all feel young and alive and it is an excellent choice. I am glad you plan on sharing it with your community. Relax, between the weather and hand sanitizer you will be OK. Besides being overly phobic about germs could make you more vulnerable to it. Beware of self fulfilling prophecies.
      Lack of human interaction, will kill you! We are social creatures so you are right “wilson” would help you survive as a surrogate friend. I like the idea you recognize that the stress of being alone would not be easy and you need this piece to help keep your sanity and perhaps serve as a survival tool as well!
      Thank you for sharing. Great insights!

  7. Angelica Carlson says:

    If I had to choose a favorite it would be Joerenz’s EXCLAMATION POINT: Richard Artschwager

    1).Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?

    I would like to take this sculpture home, and share it with my family so they could experience the happiness it brought to me when I first saw it. I would definitely put this in my room. This is so I can look at it everyday, and smile. What I loved about this sculpture was its simplicity. Like Joerenz told us, the exclamation point is a commonly overlooked punctuation. It holds so much importance in my opinion, because it brings the sentence to life! When I saw this sculpture and got a little background on it, it gave me a sense of realization of how true it is that we overlook the little important moments in life.

    2) “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?

    If this image could talk to me, it would say “HA, laugh every now and then!” Its bright color and vibrancy draws me in, and just makes me happy. Artschwager had associations with the Pop Art movement, Conceptual art and Minimalism. I learned that the sculptor wanted us to remember to pay attention to the little things in life that make us happy. To notice the end punctuation of a sentence, and fully grasp it’s emotion. He chose yellow to draw the audience in, plus it is a color commonly known to bring happiness I would think.

    3) If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?

    If I was on a deserted island, I still would have chosen this sculpture. I’m pretty sure while I am on the island, I would get depressed, and bored. This sculpture would give me both something happy to look at, as well as keep me entertained… for a while at least. Its fun, exciting, bright.

    • mjsevensins says:

      I smiled the first day I looked at this as well! Yellow is bright and energetic and the emphatic punctuation puts us in a good mood. I agree this is optimistic and encourages us to enjoy what we have. You may end up breaking The Exclamation Point on your deserted island when things start to get tough. It may strain your nerves!

  8. Ruben Ocana says:

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?
    If i could take home a sculpture, i would take Rodin’s Hand of God and Hand of the Devil. The reason i would take this work of art is because of the story behind the “simple” hands is very impacting, and if someone were to see it, i’d want to know what they’d think. I would put it in a glass box on top of a table specifically for both works in the living room so anyone who passes by or stays there can see it and think to themselves, “what on earth are those things?” What i liked specifically about this work was how Rodin used the hands and put thought into it. For the Hand of God there isn’t like a strong grip or a menacing hold, it looks like a hand holding something so fragile. The Hand of the Devil however shows the hand movement and the sort of curl the fingers do. It shows to me that the devil is trying to bring something down with him, whether to hell or just into temptation.

    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?
    The Hand of the Devil would be telling me to come to it while the Hand of God would be telling me that i am better than that and not to do it. What comes to my mind is how in cartoons the Devil and an angel (representing God) would be arguing on someones shoulder whether to do something or not. Rodin liked to make his artwork true to its nature, and he sort of uses hand gestures to show this. I find his creativity very unique and even come to see new things every time i see the sculpture. For example, in the Hand of the Devil, i realized that the person who is being brought down is covering their face, whether it is from fear or disappointment in themselves.

    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?
    If i was on a deserted island i wouldn’t have chosen Rodin’s work because they would really be of no use to me. It’s beautiful to observe, but when you’re in a deserted island, alone, not knowing what could happen, you could care less about something you already have! (in my opinion). Being lost would give me a blind eye, and to a blind mans eye they’d just be average hands! I would choose Mark di Suvero’s Giant Tire Swing because i could use it if i’m bored and lonely, as a hot spot or to keep food hidden in, for defense (climbing to the top although that would be pretty hard) and also because if a ship passes by, they’d be more likely to see giant steel swing than any of the other artworks (besides the big man, but that’ll just scare people away).

  9. Valeria Mendez says:

    1. I would take home Rodin’s Gates of Hell because it is interesting. It’s inspired by The Inferno by Dante which is a work I can’t wait to read. It took a lot of effort to create and it shows. It’s beautiful, to be honest. It’s elaborate and it’s useful. I’d place it right outside my bedroom door. It’d be a nice change a scenery and a good way to surprise my parents. Haha!

    2. I don’t really think it would say anything specific. I can imagine the artwork screaming. I can hear the desperate cries piercing through the doorway. The people are trying to climb up the sides only to fail and slide down again. I hear the sighs and groans of frustration and anguish. I learned that Rodin’s bronze version of this was only the unfinished first copy of the Gates. He also makes himself into a character in the top of the doorway; he’s the thinker, the poet. It is also sadly unable to be opened.

    3. Sadly I can’t choose Motu Viget, but I have a back up choice and that would be Big Man by Mueck. I think that his hugeness would be a lifesaver. Aside from the attention it would bring, it could also bring some type of companionship. And it would also be great in the sun. I mean, seriously, it can create shade at virtually any angle. The crawlspace under the legs could also be a pretty good place for shelter.

    • mjsevensins says:

      I like your style – Big Man is awesome and functional as well – I probably would get tired of him staring at me – that might be a bit troublesome
      Gates of Hell would really send a message to your parents – wow I would love to see their face when they knocked on your door

  10. Jonathon Mills says:

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?

    If i were to take home a sculpture it would be Melissa’s Jean Arp cloud Shepard because i feel it would add that type of soothing and relaxing Feng Shui to the room and it would be a piece that would attract your eye and people you would come would be like cool you have a flowing river in your house. I really like the bronze cloud part because it has no defined shape and its unique and it was a real cloud you could shape it into whatever you want. I would put it into either my room so it can create a calm and serene scene where i do my homework and go to sleep or the bathroom because flowing river trickling and…. yeah it creates that soothing atmosphere with nature and or the living room just to inspire people and give me a reason for people to be mannerly and respectful when they enter my home and for children to shut up and not run around like maniacs.

    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?

    If the image could talk to me it wouldn’t just talk about bible verses that cleanse and relax the mind and provide a positive attitude for the listener but it would also sing songs like rock a bye baby( for my room) or One way or another (for the living room) or even row your boat(the bathroom). After this i would learn that sculptor wanted to symbolize the joy of innocence and the art of relaxing for the cloud and the water and the artwork all symbolize something that is unique and cannot be found by humans but only to be enjoyed by the fact that there is something there to be found. like super powers and god and magic and all the fairy tales are things that all can calm the mind body and spirit and cause one to reach enlightenment but can simply be enjoyed by an infant.

    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?

    Yes, if was I on a deserted island i would bring this same exact piece because it would always have me thinking and take my mind away from some of the harsh and cruel realities of the world and also in a way it would be the closest thing me as a friend while i’m on the island and it could remind of all the joys i had when i was with civilizations and help me look back on all the good things i’ve done in life and or could’ve done and when i get old on this island with a long grey beard i’ll look back and say i lived a great life because this sculpture helped me realized its not the life were born into that makes us who we are its how we live our lives that make us who we are 🙂 i’m done

  11. Juan Lopez says:

    1. The sculpture that I would like to take home with me would be Rodins Hand of God and Hand of the Devil because of the meaning behind these sculptures how the Hand of God is helping man and making man feel safe while the Hand of the Devil is pulling man down and making man afraid.The place where I would put these pieces is in the living room since my apartment isn’t really that big, I would put them here because when people come to visit they will most likely ask what these sculptures mean. What I like about the work is the way Rodin made the hands, Rodin made the hands in completely different ways, he made them with different rocks and the way they look. In the hand of god the hand looks smooth and it looks like it is holding an object with a lot of care while in the hand of the devil the hand looks rough and looks like it is pulling an object down and is pulling the object very roughly.

    2.if this pieces could talk I think they would say something along the lines of temptation. I think the hand of god would say to be a better person and to rise from temptation while the hand of the devil is trying to bring you down to temptation like he did to Eve. What I learned about this sculptor is that Rodin likes to create pieces of sculpture that are very religious like these two sculptures, and what I learned about these pieces are that

    3.if I was on a deserted island I sadly would not bring these pieces with me because in a house they make the perfect sculptures but in the wild they aren’t very useful and so the sculpture that I would pick is Motu Viget the giant tire swing because if there were people passing by they would be curious to see what was there and how it got there. I would also bring this piece because of entertainment proposes because there isn’t going to be any electricity on a deserted island.

    • mjsevensins says:

      All of you are very much inspired by Rodin and his message. I believe Rodin’s message has transcended time and the same existential questions still haunt us today

  12. Paloma Díaz says:

    Hi Mrs. Johnson!

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?
    – I would like to bring home EXCLAMATION POINT: Richard Artschwager because it is very fun and gives off positive energy. I would put this sculpture in my yard. What I liked most about this work I that it gives off good vibes. It’s one of those pieces that when you look at it you automatically smile.
    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?
    – If the sculpture could speak I feel like it would give advice, like “Why be sad and frown? Think positive. The real power of positive thinking comes as a habit or mindset that leads to a happy life.” I learned that the sculptor’s approach was to bring together the world of images, which can be captured but not physically understood.
    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?
    – For me this question was a little hard to answer because I would bring the Exclamation point so it can make me happy and not think about anything bad happening to me on the island. But on the other hand I would bring Big Man because it is huge which makes it easier for helicopters to spot so they can save me.

  13. Randy Edwards says:

    Hi Ms. Johnson,
    1) If I could bring home one sculpture, I would bring home Giant Tire Swing. I would bring that sculpture home because of the fun it would be to swing on it at home. It would fit nicely in the backyard and would be a big attraction for my siblings. Personally I loved the idea of that art can be something normal with a twist on it.

    2) If Great Tire Swing could talk, I think it would say funny sentences like “I’ll swing by your place later.” I would learn that the sculpture is more playful and made to be fun for everyone! I would also learn some comedy from the swing to recite back to friends when in a conversation.

    3) If I was on a deserted island I would definitely have chosen the same sculpture. The swing would be big enough to be spotted by objects flying in the sky, and it would give me a form of entertainment while waiting on the island to be rescued. Yes, the swing won’t give me much shelter or any other purpose but entertainment, but on a deserted island once some kind of shelter is made and food becomes plentiful, I am definitely going to like having the swing there to pass the time.

  14. Neena Arias says:

    hi, it’s Neena. i would pick The Gates of Hell by Rodin.

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?
    I think I would like to take home Rodin’s Gates of Hell. It looks really intricate and detailed so I feel like I could spend hours looking at it and picking out details and never get bored. I would just have so much to look at. I wouldn’t put it in my room, if only because something that big, looming and dark would probably haunt me, but I think I would put it in the living room of my house. I spend a lot of time either in there or going past there and it would give me something other than the tv to look at in that room. Plus it would give my family a chance to enjoy it too, more than if it was in my room. I like that this piece has so much detail. It highlights a view on a place where most people have a fear of seeing when they die and I find myself intrigued with the notion of hell and Rodin’s work in sculpting out his interpretation of its gates.
    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?
    I think this piece would speak with the stereotypical deep and chill-inducing voice of Satan and it would speak of the terrors that awaited you if you were condemned to walk through his gates. I think from this I kind of got that Rodin, while brilliant and talented, could also be kind of demented, for lack of a better word, having done this whole elaborate piece that if you look closely is tons of tortured souls be dragged into hell. I just think that to be able to do such a big piece with that theme, you had to have some dark thoughts. And with the piece, I see the little details an how much work and time probably went into this, Rodin had to have so much patience in order to take on this project.
    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?
    I think I would choose this piece, I’m saying this because whenever someone says deserted island, I automatically think of that little pile of sand in the middle of the ocean with the one palm tree and I think I could lay this piece down flat and dig a sort of pit shelter under it and live there. and on nice days, I could stand it up in front of the tree and just lean back and look at it, just taking in the small, tortured face, for hours and thinking of scenarios on what they could have done to end up being dragged to hell. Plus, it’s a pretty big doorway and if a ship sees it, I could be saved, or if they see it while I’m sheltered under it, I could crawl out from under it like I’m crawling out of the fiery pits of hell. So yes, I think I would.

    • mjsevensins says:

      wow – crawling out of it would certainly leave an impression – I love Gates of Hell but I also think the whole idea of the art of a last judgement to be inspiring
      You may be right – in psychology we call this sublimation – when you harness the negative energy into something more positive and benefits others –
      Think about Steven King and his writing!

  15. Rose Occhino says:

    hiya hello Mrs. Johnson it’s me Rose
    I really enjoyed being exposed to these various types of sculptures, I found them all to be interesting and I liked to hear the stories behind each one. My favorite would have to be the EXCLAMATION POINT.

    1) I would really like to bring the EXCLAMATION POINT home with me. I think that my home needs something to bring more vigor and brightness to our lives, and this sculpture emits just that! Also, this piece just screams “happy”, and most days, my family and I are too tired or busy to do just that: be truly happy. This entire sculpture makes me feel joyful and excited, like I’m ready to take on the day. If not in my own home, I think that I would place this piece outside. With the sunlight shining down on it, the sculpture’s vivid yellow color would immediately catch someone’s attention. It would look stunning outside in a park (Central Park perhaps?) in a field alive with green trees and budding with purple flowers. I like how this work can grab someone’s attention quickly and I also like it’s remarkable color. I think that the meaning behind this work is important as well; overall it’s a great piece!

    2) If this sculpture could speak, it would say something along the lines of “HEY! HELLO! I’M HERE AND HOPING YOU ARE HAVING A NICE DAY”. It’s vibrancy draws me in and makes me feel happy. Artschwager associated with the Pop Art movement and Minimalism. This sculpture reminds us to pay attention to the little things in life, for they are important as well. Something as understated as good grammar, spelling, and even an exclamation point make are the things that make the biggest differences in our lives.
    and the color is really nice too

    3) Deserted on a desert island, I know that the last thing that I would want is a massive bright yellow exclamation point staring back at me 24/7. I would probably go insane looking at it, it’s bright color being a constant reminder to stay happy, when there would really be noting to be happy about because I’m stranded. I think that the sculpture “White Trash” would be pretty useful for me if I was deserted. I could used different items used in the piece for different tasks. I would find a use for everything in that pile of rubbish.

    • mjsevensins says:

      Exclamation Point does make one pause and appreciate what we have – You are right it might be tough on the island to have that staring at you all day – You may have to swat it once in awhile if it was too happy and bright!

  16. Karina Escalante says:

    Hi Mrs. Johnson, it’s Karina. I would choose Rodin’s Hand of God and Hand of the Devil.

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?
    I would take home Rodin’s sculpture of the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil because it can encourage me to always strive to make the right choices in life. I would wake up in the morning and look at these sculptures, and they would motivate me to be a better person because if I am not, I could be dragged down into hell. These sculptures could help me become more humble in mindset and also help me grow in faith. However, I would not put these two sculptures together and in the same place. I would place the Hand of God in my bedroom, probably in a corner so that it could have its own space and that I would be able to see it clearly. I would like this to be in my room because this is the place where I really have an area to myself and am able to think about things. I also find it as motiational for me because I would live my life to the fullest and be humble if it meant that I would be cradled by the hand of God one day as well.
    I wouldn’t want the Hand f the Devil in my room because I think it would creep me out. I’m the type of person that will lay in bed and think about a scary movie so much that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without having a nightmare. A pure scaredy cat. I wouldn’t want to think about the Devil and hell before going to bed, or even when waking up. I dont think anyone does! I like how detailed this artowrk is and how it portrays body language, because you can tell what the hands are trying to do by their positions. I like the meaning behind them, and when Maynard presented them to the class, I liked how I understood its message after carefully analyzing the pieces.

    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?
    If the Hand of God were able to talk to me, I believe it would tell me to keep steady in my faith and to set a good example, avoid any wrong decisions, etc. This piece appeals to me because I look at it as encouraging and motivational. If the Hand of the Devil were to talk to me, I believe it would kind of harass me or try to tempt me into doing things that aren’t considered right. It would be good to have this piece in my home because I can look at the Hand of the Devil, and always remind myself that the Hand of God is more important and meaningful. I learned about the importance of body language in this piece, and how Rodin greatly emphasized it. When you analyze both pieces, you see the Hand of God cradling a being and the Hand of the Devil almost dragging down what is in his hand.

    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?
    I wouldnt not have chosen the same piece, because the sculpture would not help me survive in any way. I would bring “White Trash” with me to a deserted island because it could help me create a fire, which would provide a signal for helicopters or anyone to come and save me! Even though being stranded on an island for a while to youself sounds nice, I definately wouldn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.

    • mjsevensins says:

      Good choices and I am glad Maynard did such an effective job that you really thought about the two pieces. You may be right, the Hand of Satan probably would not be ideal in the bedroom – It may leave you with disturbing dreams!

  17. Andrew Dookhie says:

    I would choose the Gates of Hell by Rodin.

    1. I would take home the Gates of Hell. It is a beautiful sculpture that is very well made. The details on the sculpture are endless and they tell a story. I would put this sculpture in my basement, inside of a glass case. I think it would fit well there, it provides a dark and eerie feeling when you look at it. Also, many people go to the basement in my house when they come over, so many people will get a chance to see it. I liked this work because it is so interesting and detailed. It’s definitely something people would stop and stare at.

    2. If this image could talk to me, It would warn me of the burdens of Hell. It would tell me of all the hardships people condemned had to face, while being watched over by the most evil, Satan. Rodin must have been interested with religion and the afterlife to make such a piece of art. He must have been a very introspective man. He is also very precise and elaborate in this sculpture, which requires an incredible amount of focus and resolve.

    3. If I were on a deserted Island, I would choose this same piece. Gates of Hell would provide many hours of things to reflect on, just by the sheer number of intricacies. The sculpture tells the story of damned souls, and the dictator of dictators, Satan. The endless amount of detail provides an incredible amount of things to reflect on, so yes I would choose this piece.

    • mjsevensins says:

      I wish you would have made some connections to your own piece with Gates of Hell
      You would have understood that Rodin was deeply introspective and wanted to understand the meaning of our actions and the consequences in this world and the next. Ethics and morality are essential characteristics embedded in his art!

  18. Daniel Cernadas says:

    This is Daniel Cernadas sry i couldnt go on the blog this entire week my internet was down so hope it can still be submitted and i couldnt use the schools computers because i had to make up work and tests/quizes.
    1. I would choose the the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil by Rodin for various reasons. One would be because it is small, it can fit into small places unlike some of the other sculptures, and its a beautiful sculpture that is very well made. I would put these two sculptures in a protective casing (probably glass) and put it in my room. Since many of my friends hang out in my room it can everyone will get a chance to see it. I liked this work because very well crafted, and besides, that its interesting, it is the way Rodin portrayed his message with the different rocks he used, therefore this was able to give the sculpture more emphasis to both the way they look and to the meaning.

    2. The sculptor, Rodin, used sculpture to illustrate the difference between the hand of God and the Hand of the Devil. He made the Hand of God look very gentle by holding, or cralding people( Adam, and Eve) and it gave off a sense of safety. The type of rock he used also gave of this sense gentleness because when you see it, you would think that its smooth and the bright white of it. In the other sculpture, the Hand of the Devil, its the complete opposite . The rock and the color of it gives you a sense of darkness. This hand no longer gives you a sense of safety like the hand of God rather, it looks like the hand is dragging the man down. The Hand of the Devil looks dangerous and intense instead of safety with the Hand of God.

    3. If I were on a deserted Island, I would choose a different piece because the original sculpture would not help me survive. I would probably use Ron’s “Big Man” for various reasons. I would use these this sculpture because it can scare aware animals due to its vast size and can also be seen from a disance because its so large so rescue chances increase. Not only that but I would also use it as a companion so i wont get lonely and crazy, and i would use him for shelter. This would most likely increase my chance of survival in the island, and for that reason i would choose this piece.

    • mjsevensins says:

      No problem as far as the date – but please be more aware of your punctuation, spelling and grammar. The Rodin pieces are everyone’s favorite. I would agree, they have a lot to convey as far as meaning and reflection.

  19. Melissa Fellin says:

    1) If I had to choose I would have taken home Randy’s piece. It is not up there so I don’t know the name of artist. I would take it home because of its meaning and its meaning is nothing. I like art where you there are no set rules on what you have to think the sculpture represents. For example if there is a sculptor about a man with an ax killing someone, there are obviously many ways to interpret it, but it would have some sort of morbid meaning. Obviously you can think whatever you want about the sculpture and think anything you want but you can’t say that the sculptor wanted to go food shopping or something; the same with historical art. Yes it’s beautiful and has it has purpose but you’re wrong if you say thinking out of context. That’s why I like this piece. You could say anything about it and you wouldn’t be wrong or frowned upon. I dislike having to look at art and try to figure out what the sculptor actually meant by their piece. I think it’s fun to imagine whatever you want about it and still be right. In my kitchen, there is a skylight. I think this is where I would place this work. By putting it there I think people who would come over would be immediately drawn to it; as opposed to a sculpture of per say a famous person or a well –known sculpture. This would immediately draw someone in and make them ask what it is and why it’s placed there because it’s different and a kitchen isn’t a normal place to have a sculpture.
    2) I think if this image could talk it would say “Think outside the box.” This has to do with the meaning of the sculpture. I don’t remember the full story about it and I couldn’t research anything but I know it has to do with something about it having no meaning. It has no meaning because the artist wants the observers to take whatever they want away from it. Instead of their being an actual meaning, you can think whatever you want about this sculpture. This is why I think it would say “Think outside the box”, because instead of really trying to look for what the artists is trying to say in this piece, think whatever you want. Instead of the colors and shapes having meanings most sculptures have, think for yourself. It also has only shapes and colors so you can take away anything from it.
    3) This piece is a very mesmerizing piece to me, but would do me no justice on a deserted island. If I were able to bring one of these sculptures home it would have to be Giant Tire Swing by Motu Viget . It dawned on me that the trash might be able to help you survive, so I had considered it at first, but honestly I think maybe for a day or so extra. People just don’t throw out good food. They throw out scraps so I don’t think it would be helpful to me and my survival. I think that the tire swing would be rather fun to play with. It might help me forget the misery of being stranded alone on an island. I think I would also find some leaves or something on the island to cover it with and maybe make some kind of shelter for myself. I also think if any strange animals were to appear I can climb up it or throw the tire swing in their direction. Moreover, I would use this sculpture to help me physically survive, but I think it could also bring me happiness because ever since I can remember swinging on the swings at the park has always made me happy. I also think it’s big enough so that if rescue were to come, they’d be able to see the sculpture and then eventually see me.

  20. Keri Mallari says:

    Keri Mallari

    The sculpture I’d like to take home would be Bernini’s Daphne and Apollo.

    1.Which sculpture would you like to take home. Why? Where would you put it? What did you like about this work?
    I would like to take Daphne and Apollo home because it looks beautiful, and elegant. I have no idea where I’d place it, but I guess something where I could at least glance at it once each day, because the sight of it just fills me with awe. I like how the sculpture really captures Apollo’s perseverance, and how we see the transformation of Daphne. It’s just filled with so much emotion and drama, and that sculpture captures the entire story. And I just really like mythological stories.
    2. “If the image could talk to you, what would it say?” What did you learn about this sculptor and the piece itself?
    If this sculpture would say anything to me, I don’t think it would, because this is somewhat like the climax of the story because it really had a huge impact on both of them. I learned that this was about Daphne’s vow to Chastity, and that a Cardinal commissioned this mythological sculpture.
    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?
    If I were to be stranded on an island, I won’t bring this sculpture with me because it’s too beautiful to be not taken care of, and just be brought to an island, a deserted one. Rather, I would bring with me the Motu Viget, because a Giant Tire Swing seems fun, because I could play with it, climb it or whatnot.

    • mjsevensins says:

      Actually the story behind this piece is rather shrouded in scandal which makes for a much better story. Plus Bernini may have been commissioned by the church but his personal life was far from the one he idealized in the sculpture

  21. Alexandra Cordero says:

    EXCLAMATION POINT: Richard Artschwager
    1. If i would take a sculpture home i would take home the exclamation point because it makes me smile and just brings happiness to me. I think that if i was ever upset or if i had a bad day, seeing this peace would brighten up my day. If i had my own house and wasn’t living with my parents I would put it right by the entrance for everyone to see. But since thats not the case, I would put it in my room so that I could enjoy it everyday! I like that this work is bright, happy and for me its mood changing. I am usually a happy person, but like everyone I have bad days and something like an exclamation point thats neon yellow would instantly change my mood.
    2. If this image could talk to me it would tell me to keep my head high, stay happy and not let little things bring me down. it would remind people that life is to short and you have to live life to the fullest and not get down. Through this sculpture, Richard is reminding us that we sometimes foget the small things in life because we think of this as not important, meaningless, etc. But in reality they can make a huge difference and mean so much. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses opposed to rushing through the garden.

    3. If i was on a deserted Island i would still choose the exclamation point because being deserted is not a good thing at all and the artwork would give me hope. I notice a lot of people said they would bring dirty white trash, but If i was on a island I would rather have something that gives me hope and makes me happy opposed to trash that may be useful.

    3. If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one, would you have chosen the same one? Why?

    • mjsevensins says:

      Please be mindful in the future about deadlines on assignments.
      As far as your choice – Exclamation Point is positive energy to display and hopefully it would prove infectious.
      Try to expand on your ideas more and elaborate especially in number 3

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