Banksy and Street Art


Perhaps one of the most well known graffiti artists of the 21st century, Banksy, as he is called, is a master with stencils and a spray can.  A spokeswoman for the Brooklyn Museum, said a painting – of a red-coated colonial-era military officer holding a spray-paint can, with antiwar graffiti in the background – was discovered and removed on March 16.   Banksy reported “These galleries are just trophy cabinets for a handful of millionaires. The public never has any real say in what art they see.”

1. Is Banksy’s grafitti, art? if it is, should it be in a museum at all? Explain

2. How do you define graffiti?

3. Where is it usually found?

4. Is graffiti really art? Explain

5. If you could design your own graffiti and put it anywhere, what would it be? Where would you place it?

Further study go to Banksy

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16 Responses to Banksy and Street Art

  1. Samantha Kosziollek says:

    1). Banksy’s graffiti is art because it is an expression of emotion. It should not be in a museum, however, because the creator views it as selected pieces of art for the wealthy. He wants to appeal to everyone, who actually want to view his work.
    2). Graffiti is an expression of emotion in which the artist can engage in a visual dialogue with the people viewing it.
    3). Graffiti is usually found in public, such as on walls (buildings).
    4). Yes, graffiti is really an art because it allows the expression of thoughts and feelings to be shared through different mediums.
    5). If I could design my own graffiti, I would create two birds and the saying “I Cannot Change” that would symbolize me not changing for anyone or anything (staying true to myself) and achieving success (“flying high like birds”) no matter what I do. I would place my graffiti on a stop sign, so people would know not to stop doing what they love even if people say they can’t do it.

    (Or…a smilely face on the side of a nuclear power plant because of ‘Watchmen’) 🙂

  2. Randy Edwards says:

    1.) I believe almost anything in the world is art, and that includes Banksy’s graffiti. How Banksy expresses the art though, has made me decide that his art is made to be outside a museum not in one. His pieces depict rebellion against numerous topics, and this in my opinion is another way of freedom on speech or freedom of the press (however you want to look at it).
    2.) Graffiti is rebellious art that a person uses to express themselves to the public without telling the public who exactly they are.
    3.)Graffiti is found everywhere and anywhere a person can reach that they don’t own
    4.)Yes graffiti is art, anything can really be considered art, just look around you are surrounded by artwork of some kind.
    5.) I would create realistic dark holes and place them on every side walk I could in the city of New York.

  3. Paloma Díaz says:

    1. I believe that Banksy’s graffiti is art. However I do not believe that it should be in a museum because I his pieces are very rebellious so they might cause controversies to the viewers. His pieces would not be appealing to everyone.
    2. Graffiti is way to express yourself, it allows you to think freely and show who you really are.
    3. Graffiti can be found anywhere public. It’s usually in a place that it can catch a person’s attention.
    4. I believe that graffiti is art, it’s just a different type of art. It is a way of expressing yourself through individuality, creativity, skill, and imagination. It’s a different form of expression, but also one that people may have not seen before. Graffiti is a way of creatively showing emotions and feelings. I believe that anything that shows a person’s inner feelings and sentiments is art.
    5. If I could design my own graffiti, I would make it very simple. I would make a red balloon floating in the air, it would say “Sometimes you need to let things go”. For me this saying is very important because letting go of things gives you a chance to move on and start something new. Something you would never experience. If you were to stay on one particular thing, you would never experience life to the fullest. I would put it somewhere where many people can see it.

  4. Daniel Chauca says:

    1. I do think it is art because he is trying to express his ideas through his works. Its shouldn’t be in a museum because his art it meant for the public and he wouldn’t want someone to pay to see his art.
    2. Graffiti is art in which the artist tries to spread his ideas through his paintings although sometimes illegal.
    3. It is usually found on private and public property such as walls, bridges, trains.
    4. Graffiti is art just like everything else in the world is art. Although it depends on the person.
    5. I would write “USA was here 1st” with the American Flag on the moon.

  5. Neena Arias says:

    1) I think it is art because it has meaning and can be interpreted and it is attractive to look at (even though some are is not very appealing to the eye). Yet, even if I think it is art, I don’t think it should be in a museum because, he did his art on the street for a reason, whatever his reason may be. And moving it and putting it someplace else, I think would ruin the affect and meaning of the art.
    2) I define graffiti as a work done in a public setting, illegally, by a usually unpaid artist. Though many times graffiti is just vandalism, sometimes it can be really well done and greatly appreciated.
    3) Graffiti is usually found outside, on buildings or wall or fences. Can be found anywhere, from cities to suburbs, though most common in cities.
    4) I think this is a yes and no answer, because, if well done and thought out and with a strong message behind it and by someone with artistic talent, then it is art. But if it is just done to vandalize and offend and be a public nuisance, then it is not art.
    5) I think I would make some graffiti pertaining to gay marriage rights and abortion laws and then I would put it right by the homes of really conservative and outspoken politicians. Just so that they could see what they are ranting and fighting against every time they step out of their homes.

  6. Keri Mallari says:

    1. According to several dictionaries, Art as an application or expression of human creativity, with that said, I believe that Banksy’s graffiti IS art. Going back to the definition again, it is an expression of human creativity, and since it is his own idea to put his art in public places, I believe that it should stay there, because the paint, the stencil isn’t the graffiti, but everything along with it, the background, the audience, and whatnot. Moving his graffiti to a museum would just ruin the whole thing.
    2. I would define Graffiti as maybe a revolutionary art or something along those lines, because it’s very free, and untraditional.
    3. Mostly in public places, or dark alleys, or somewhere along those lines.
    4. Going back to my dictionary definition of Graffiti, I believe that Graffiti is really art, because it’s a way of self expression, because of reasons.
    5. I don’t think I’d design any graffiti. I’m very boring, and unoriginal, and since I believe that anything could be considered as art, even a simple wall, vandalizing it would make me feel bad about myself.

  7. Joerenz Bolina says:

    Is Banksy’s grafitti, art? If it is, should it be in a museum at all? Explain.
    Art is any kind of work made by skill and imagination. Graffiti is a type of work that requires both technical skill and expression of a message, as well as a level of creativeness to come up with your image based on what’s on the surface. Ergo, graffiti is a form of art. Banksy’s graffiti is typically graffiti. Ergo again, Banksy’s graffiti is considered art.
    It should be in a museum. It is a very unique, rebellious, expressive, unorthodox, and modern. It’s also a type of art, and any art deserves to be a museum. Graffiti often gets a bad rep, but at least it makes more sense than Dada art. It’s very creative and expressive, and often shoves in our faces a reality that we don’t want to see about society. It’s also very modern, so it doesn’t feel ages old and ultra fancy. The only problem would be moving the art into the museum, unless it was to be done right there and then. It would belong in the pop/modern art exhibit/section of a museum, in any case.

    2. How do you define graffiti?
    Graffiti is any writing or drawing on a public area surface without permission. Graffiti is an act of rebellion, and tries to express what is exactly is wrong with society or what the artist finds wrong from their perspective. Oh, and gangs also use it to mark their territories, as well as wannabes and phonies who just want to look cool.

    3. Where is it usually found?
    It is usually found on walls of public settings. I’ve seen a few on the floor before, but that’s pretty rare. It’s almost always going to be on areas like the walls of buildings, sides of bridges, garage doors, and even on rooftops.

    4. Is graffiti really art? Explain.
    Art is any kind of work made by skill and imagination. Graffiti is a type of work that requires both technical skill and expression of a message, as well as a level of creativeness to come up with your image based on what’s on the surface. Ergo, graffiti is a form of art.
    In all seriousness, it is art. It expresses what someone feels, and the images made by that person depict exactly that. It also has a close connection to people, since you can relate more to art on the streets you walk on everyday as opposed to art being on display on a fancy-schmancy museum. Graffiti could be considered the illegal, rebellious, and most honest type of art. It doesn’t really require you to dig deep: it says what it needs to say.

    5) If you could design your own graffiti and put it anywhere, what would it be? Where would you place it?
    The design would be a a beaver and a rat. The beaver would be really cute and just stand there looking pretty. The rat would be homely looking and juggling balls, torches, and pins, while riding a unicycle and spinning plates on a dish with its nose. Then, there would be bunch of hands reaching out towards the beaver, as if the beaver was the only one receiving attention and the rat being ignored.
    This would depict how people in society (tend to) choose looks over actual talent and what you can truly do. The prime example of this would lie in the music industry today. I think the beaver is self explanatory, although I’m not making the assumption that the beaver is completely useless and untalented. It’s just that the rat can do more entertaining things while the beaver is just modeling, yet people would rather see the beaver. Basically, the rat is just more talented than the beaver, but the beaver is selected because its more cute.
    I would have this placed right on the doors of a recording label building like Capitol Records.

    • Joerenz Bolina says:

      *I would put it on the doors of that because this happens most in the music industry and so everyone (including up and coming artists) can see and be warned by the graffiti images.

    • mjsevensins says:

      ok I am not sure how you ended up juxtaposing a beaver and a rat – very odd but you made your point!

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