Pop Art initially seems to glorify popular culture by celebrating  soup cans, comic strips and models to the status of fine art on the walls of museums. But, perhaps look again and maybe you will notice the critique of the mass marketing practices and consumer culture that emerged in the United States after World War II.

If you were to design a POP ART exhibit today, what cultural icon would you want to be included?   Why?

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13 Responses to POP- ART

  1. Samantha Kosziollek says:

    If I were to create a POP ART exhibit today, I would want Dick Clark to be included because he helped strengthen our culture by introducing a universal language: music. By music, I mean artists – many of whom were African American. He made it possible for most people to appreciate black artists just as much as white artists. He took chances, which is what Americans have been doing since the American Revolution.

  2. Paloma Díaz says:

    If I were to design a POP ART exhibit today it would be about Justin Bieber. I’m not a big fan of his music but I believe that he has changed the music industry. He’s inspired many young girls. He is now a household name and has changed the lives of many people. He’s taught us to “Believe” and “Never Say Never”.

  3. Daniel Chauca says:

    If I were to design an art exhibit today, I would include the Beatles. Their influence on rock music and and popular culture was immense. Their commercial success led to an immediate waves of changes including a shift from US global dominance of rock and roll to UK acts, from soloists to groups, and changes in fashion and lifestyle. Everyone can identify them and recognize their music all over the world.

  4. Randy Edwards says:

    If I had to design a pop art exhibit, I would include Skrillex. He by far has been one of the biggest influences and producers of the newest trend in the music market: Dubstep. This new kind of music takes music to a whole new level. Some people strongly dislike this music due to its lack of lyrics and crazy style, yet others take to it very well and have immersed themselves in music that has come from people all over. Skrillex is the most popular artist in the genre of music. In my opinion, all dubstep is us repeating history, by taking classical music and giving it a 21st century twist. I personally am a listener to a variety of genres of music, and dubstep does come up on my list.

    • mjsevensins says:

      I had to look up on U tube what you were referring to – It reminded me of Electronic and slow house music
      But in order to be Pop it almost should be ubiquitous

  5. Neena Arias says:

    If I were to design a POP ART exhibit today, I would include Barack Obama. I think that he would be good to include because he has become so common in our culture. You could ask anyone and they could probably tell you who Obama is and even people who have no interest in politics can tell you about him because he has gotten so popular. Even if he does nothing astounding as a president, he is known by so many people and has become such a major figure in popular culture.

  6. Joerenz Bolina says:

    Pop art is a type of art based on modern popular culture and the mass media. If I were to design a pop art exhibit today, I would probably select Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo Child, as my cultural icon and basis for the exhibit (possibly along with her family, but mostly just her). Ever since her appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras, Alana has become a pop culture icon (albeit not a very positive one) in American society.
    While she may be viewed as a spoiled little pageant brat, she is actually a little girl just trying to have fun. Her family lives on the borderline of poverty, and while they may appear crazy and uncivilized (ex: mashing all the food together to make a “multi-meal” that can be eaten with hands), they are just people trying to survive and stay happy. Alana and her family aren’t just looking for fame and attention (although that’s what seems most prevalent). Her family is using the pageant show and reality show (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) money as an opportunity to save up money and hopefully improve their lives in the near future. They have even started a trust fund to store all the money they have earned from these gig thus far in order to play things smart. They just want to achieve success, no matter how minor, and achieve the dreams they have always wanted to fulfill through this opportunity.
    Honey Boo Boo teaches people that no matter where you come from or what your situation is, you… must always have cheese balls, ‘sketti’ (southern food recipe made by Mama, HBB’s mom) and ‘go-go’ juice (Red Bull + Mountain Dew) to survive. Nah, I’m just kidding. The Honey Boo Boo family emphasizes what it’s like to be a family: that no matter what hardships are faced, they must stick together, support each other, and remember to always be happy about life and be thankful for everything coming your way. They teach us appreciation for life, as absurd and ridiculously and nonsensically entertaining as their show is. The family shows us that no matter what, we should strive to achieve our dreams and reach success. They epitomize what it is like to be an all-American family trying to achieve the American dream.
    With these positive messages in mind, the arts and exhibits would be influential. Honey Boo Boo often gets a bad rep for her behavior and lifestyle. But when depicted in this way with this message, she can be prove to be a positive pop culture icon that can draw a connection with most people today. She is a great example of a pop culture icon for pop art.

    The picture on the page is an example of what a piece in my exhibit would look like:


    And that’s my two cents on whoever’s project this was (this took place about a month ago. I have no idea who did what at this point haha).

    • mjsevensins says:

      Maynard, Andrew and Daniel did Pop Art Project
      Honey boo is scary – Again I had to look this up as well – I am learning from you and it can be scary! My 7 cents!

  7. Keri Mallari says:

    If I were to design a Pop Art Exhibit today, I would include those Superheroes in comics, like DC or Marvel or whatnot. Because they’re cool, they have powers, they don’t exist, and they’re cool. I’d choose them because I feel like they’re just there, and they’re growing, developing, like they have movies, and games, and stuff, and they just get cooler every second. They’re fun and interesting, and I feel like they never end, and they’re just so cool.

  8. mjsevensins says:

    Who is your favorite?

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